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Under Counter Safe

The under counter safe provides convenient protection for short term storage of cash or checks. This is also known as an under the counter drop safe because of the slot designed for dropping deposits into the safe without the need to unlock the safe. These safes are usually securely positioned next to a cash register or cash receipts area to limit exposed cash and reduce the threat of robbery and internal theft. The under counter safe is popular in retail, school, athletic club and staff use applications.

When shopping for an under counter safe look for heavy gauge steel construction, heavy duty hinges, pre-drilled anchor holes and quality locks. The under the counter drop safes should have a drop slot that is adequately sized to allow filled envelopes to be dropped and designed with an “anti-fish” baffle to guard against pilferage or fishing. Should your application involve multiple under counter safes you will likely have optional custom key control systems such as master keyed, keyed alike or keyed different safes.

Anytime cash changes hands on a regular basis a well thought out cash management plan is obligatory. The plan should include procedures as well as equipment to protect the cash and the organization whether it be a for profit business or a nonprofit. Often an under counter safe or under the counter drop safe is a good component of that plan. If you think an under counter safe may be a good solution to your security needs call us or come see us and we would be happy to discuss your application with you.