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blow out sale - Winchester gun safes

Older Model Bandit & Big Daddy, While Supplies Last

Rifle Safes

H x W x D
Gun CapacityWt. LbsBurglary RatingFire RatingTemperature RatingPrice
BFII663665-1/4 x 36 x 26261,716RSCII2 Hour1200° F$6,038.00
NF603059 x 30 x 2932854RSC90 Min1200° F$1,996.00
NF592459 x 24 x 2117600RSC90 Min1200° F$1,503.00
NF603259 x 30 x 2424761RSC90 Min1200° F$1,922.00
NF603659 x 36 x 2936977RSC90 Min1200° F$2,260.00
603020-9060 x 30x 2320595DOJ90 Min1200° F$1,499.00
RFX58282064 x 34 x 29.25263,418TL30x62 Hour1850° F$9,113.00
S2259 x 24 x 2422462DOJ751400° F$949.00
603020-6060 x 30 x 2328470DOJ60 Min1200° F$1,099.00
604024-6060 x 40 x 27"48616DOJ60 Min1200° F$1,199.00
602618-6060 x 26 x 2124400DOJ60 Min1200° F$999.00
602618-3060 x 26 x 2124338DOJ30 Min1200° F$799.00
EV3659 x 38 x 3040842RSC1 Hr1400° F$1,899.00
BF602459.25 x 24 x 2317720RSC2 Hour1200° F$3,060.00
BFII724071-1/4 x 40 x 26381991RSCII2 Hour1200° F$7,125.00
BFII602459-1/4 x 24 x 21171,067RSCII2 Hour1200° F$4,155.00
HGS-11E55 x 17 x 1811290DOJ45 Min1400° F$799.00
SD59 x 32 x 2830736RSC75 Min1400° F $1,999.00
S3659 x 29.25 x 28.536580DOJ751400° F$1,099.00
HGS-16E55 x 24 x 2016390DOJ45 Min1400° F$999.00
604024-9060 x 40x 2748845DOJ90 Min1200° F$1,699.00
B1960 x 28 x 2224372DOJ45 Min1400° F $1,299.00
PWS185555 x 15.5 x 5-86-NA-$299.00
FV604260 x 42 x 2836785DOJ45 Min1200° F$1,943.00
DV6526 x 52 x 14274DOJNA-$457.00
B956 x 18 x 1810200DOJ30 MIN1200° F $689.00
B1060 x 18 x 1814245DOJ30 MIN1200° F $809.00
B1460 x 22 x 2018300DOJ30 MIN1200° F $889.00
TF551755-1/4 x 17-3/4 x 1811286DOJ30 Min1200° F$847.00
TF592459 x 24 x 2117388DOJ30 Min1200° F$1,205.00
FV603059 x 30 x 2932608DOJ45 Min1200° F$1,760.00
FV603659 x 36 x 2936724DOJ45 Min1200° F$1,969.00
FV724072 x 40 x 2947954DOJ45 Min1200° F$2,882.00
BD59 x 42 x 2842814RSC75 Min1400° F $1,999.00
BF603259-1/4 x 30 x 2420913RSC2 Hour1200° F$3,379.00
BF603059-1/4 x 30 x 29241,036RSC2 Hour1200 F° F$3,626.00
BF663665-1/4 x 36 x 29261,319RSC2 Hour1200° F$4,826.00
BF724071-1/4 x 40 x 29381,585RSC2-Hour1200° F$5,858.00
BF725071-1/4 x 50 x 31441,789RSC2-Hour1200° F$6,349.00
RF652872 x 35 x 31-1/2263455TL-302 Hour1850° F$7,500.00
RFX70362076 x 42 x 29.25384,578TL30x62 Hour1850° F$11,344.00

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