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Record Protection Equipment

Fire can do serious damage to your vital records creating difficult consequences that have far reaching effects. These challenges can be avoided by protecting your critical papers and electronic media with record protection equipment. Fire resistant file cabinets, data safes, and many general purpose safes provide this type of protection. Assisting you in selecting the best records protection equipment for your security needs is one of the things we do best at Maximum Security.

There are a few questions to consider as you begin the process of selecting your record protection equipment.

  1. What types of records do you want to protect, paper, electronic, other?
  2. How much protected storage space will you need now and into the foreseeable future?
  3. Where will you put your record protection equipment and are there specific measurements of that space to consider in your selection?

The answers to these questions will provide helpful guidance in the selection of the best record protection equipment for your needs. Paper burns at 450 degrees and in order to provide a margin of protection is generally recommended to stay below 350 degrees. The manufacturers of electronic media suggest temperatures below 125 degrees and humidity levels below 85%. Don’t wait and risk an unforeseen disaster striking your vital records – call us at Maximum Security today and let us help you sleep well.