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Gun Safes

Laws regarding security requirements for guns vary from state to state, but common sense does not. All guns should be secured in a gun safe for the protection of the gun owner, any children that may come into the home, as well as future victims of crimes that may be committed with stolen weapons. The cost of quality gun safes start as low as $99 and go up based on the level of security, the size and any added convenience features. Most gun safes are actually used as muti-purpose safes providing protection for guns as well as a variety of other valuables.

When shopping for a gun safe three things to consider are:

  • how much security you need in terms of burglary and fire protection,
  • how much space you need in your gun safe now and in the future, and
  • your budget.

To determine what level of security you need for your gun safe think about the monetary and sentimental value of what will be in the gun safe as well as your proximity to a fire station. If you want fire protection be sure you select a safe that has been independently tested and proven its rating rather than just taking the word of the manufacturer.

Gun safes come in a variety of sizes. As you assess the amount of space you need in your gun safe make a list of what you will put into the safe and be sure to consider additional items you will put in the safe when you go on vacation. Then go up one step in size to accommodate things you have forgotten and future acquisitions. To help you create your list take a look at I Wish I Bought A Bigger Safe.

You may already have a budget in mind for your gun safe. If not, consider the monetary and sentimental value of the items you will be protecting. As you shop for your safe you will find that price differences are relatively small as you go up in size within a particular quality of safe and that the bigger price difference will come when you move from one quality level to another. Quality gun safes are a long term investment and your selection is worth carefully consideration.

Popular rifle safes with fire protection:

Shop all gun safes.

The type of lock your safe has is another thing to consider as you evaluate gun safes. You will have the opportunity to choose if you want a combination gun safe, an electronic gun safe or a biometric gun safe. The type lock influences how easy it is to open your safe and if you can change your combination by yourself. The lock can also influence the cost of the safe.

As you can see there is much to consider when evaluating gun safes. Call us at (800)538-0600 or visit our showroom for personalized assistance from an expert safe specialist, we look forward to helping you select the right safe for your needs.

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