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High Security Safes

The MaxVault easily earned both the UL TL15 and TL30 burglar resistive labels having withstood severe attacks by UL experts using powerful tools such as power saws and drills, carbide disc cutters, industrial grinders, sledgehammers, etc. MaxValuts also carry the manufacturer's 2-hour 350 degree F fire certificate. The MaxVault is the ideal safe to protect high value items like jewelry, coins and other collectibles, cash, guns, important documents and other precious and valuable items. And, it is more affordable than you might think! Having installed 100's of Max Vault high security safes, Maximum Security is experienced and ready to consult with you to determine the best location and manage the logistics of installing your MaxVault. Pricing on the larger high security safes varies based on options desired - call us for pricing on these safes.

For the highest security needs Maximum Security also offers TL30x6 safes.

Contact us if you want to explore this further.

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UL TL15 - Composite UL TL30 - Composite

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H x W x D
H x W x D
Gun CapacityCubic Foot CapacityWt. LbsInterior ShelvesBurglary RatingFire RatingTemperature RatingABCPrice
PM-101410.25 x 14 x 1116 x 19-3/4 x 20.5-0.034501TL152 Hr----$1,049.00
PM-181418 x 14 x 1125 x 19.5 x 20.5-1.66201TL152 Hr----$1,399.00
E218 x 14 x 1225 x 21 x 23-1/2-1.87101TL152 Hr-143639-1/2$2,385.00
E425 x 18 x 1632 x 25 x 27-1/2-4.211051TL152 Hr-184447-1/2$2,730.00
E1035 x 24 x 2042 x 31 x 31-1/2-9.717202TL152 Hr-245657-1/2$3,563.00
F218 x 14 x 1225 x 21 x 23-1/2-1.87251TL302 Hr-143639-1/2$2,745.00
F425 x 18 x 1632 x 25 x 27-1/2-4.21,1951---184447-1/2$3,338.00
F1035 x 24 x 2042 x 31 x 31-1/2-9.71,9082TL302 Hr-245657-1/2$4,118.00
F1345 x 24 x 2052 x 31 x 31-1/2-12.52,3113TL302 Hr-245657-1/2$4,523.00
F1555 x 24 x 2062 x 31 x 31-1/2-15.32,6793TL302 Hr-245657-1/2$5,213.00
F2165 x 28 x 2072 x 35 x 31-1/2-21.13,3594TL302 Hr-286461-1/2$6,188.00
F3060 x 36 x 22.567 x 43 x 34-28.14,0004---368072$6,766.00
F3672 x 36 x 2379 x 43 x 34-1/2-34.54,4264---368072-1/2$8,025.00
RF6528-72 x 35 x 31-1/226-3455-TL-302 Hour1850° F---$7,500.00
RFX582820-64 x 34 x 29.2526-3,418-TL30x62 Hour1850° F---$9,113.00
RFX703620-76 x 42 x 29.2538-4,578-TL30x62 Hour1850° F---$11,344.00

When unyielding security from multiple threats is needed Maximum Security's MaxVault TL15 and TL30 series safes provide the solution. Maximum Security offers a variety of high security options to meet individual specifications such as "Auxiliary Day Locks", "Three-way Boltwork", "Glass Relocking Mechanism", "Interior Owner's Lockers" and more. The MaxVault delivers the very best defense against severe tool attacks, and all models carry the manufacturer's 2-Hr. 350 degree F Fire Label.

UL TL15 - CompositeThe UL TL15 MaxVault is the ideal safe to protect high value items like jewelry, coins and other collectibles, cash, guns, important documents and other precious and valuable items. Carries the manufacturer's 2-hour fire certificate.
UL TL30 - CompositeThe UL TL30 MaxVault offers double the protection of the TL15, including hardplate throughout the entire door and additional high security options. All this for a nominal increase in cost.

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