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Gun Safes

As a long term, high volume, dedicated provider of gun safes, Maximum Security has earned the opportunity to represent just about any line of firearm safes available. We have selected several business partners whose company and product reputations are exemplary, and which cover the full range of gun / rifle safes on the market today. We are comfortable and confident working with these companies and their products, and believe you will be fully satisfied with your gun safe, its performance and the warranty and guarantees we and the manufacturers provide. For more information about the different types of gun safes review the products below and/or select a firearms safe manufacturer from the product catalog.

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AMSEC Cannon Winchester

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H x W x D
H x W x D
Gun CapacityWt. LbsBurglary RatingFire RatingTemperature RatingPrice
602618-30-60 x 26 x 2124338DOJ30 Min1200° F$799.00
TF5517-55-1/4 x 17-3/4 x 1811286DOJ30 MIN1200° F$704.00
TF5924-59 x 24 x 218-8-16388DOJ30 MIN1200° F$998.00
FV6032-59 x 30 x 24 11-11-22578DOJ45 MIN1200° F$1,313.00
FV6030-59 x 30 x 29up to 32608DOJ45 MIN1200° F$1,447.00
FV6036-59 x 36 x 29up to 36724DOJ45 MIN1200° F$1,618.00
FV6042-60 x 42 x 2848 + 2785DOJ45 MIN1200° F$1,943.00
FV7240-72 x 40 x 29up to 47954DOJ45 MIN1200° F$2,372.00
NF5924-59 x 24 x 218-8-16600RSC90 min1200° F$1,856.00
NF6032-59 x 30 x 249-9-18761RSC90 min1200° F$2,355.00
NF6030-59 x 30 x 2914-14-28854RSC90 min1200° F$2,456.00
NF6036-59 x 36 x 2917-17-34977RSC90 min1200° F$2,799.00
BF6024-59.25 x 24 x 238-8-16720RSC2 Hour1200° F$2,963.00
BF6032-59-1/4 x 30 x 248-14-22913RSC2 Hour1200° F$3,274.00
BF6030-59-1/4 x 30 x 2912-18-301,036RSC2 Hour1200° F° F$3,518.00
BF6636-65-1/4 x 36 x 2912-23-351,319RSC2 Hour1200° F$4,691.00
BF7240-71-1/4 x 40 x 2912-18-24-30-421,585RSC2-Hour1200° F$5,704.00
BF7250-71-1/4 x 50 x 3112-23-24-35-471,789RSC2-Hour1200° F$6,188.00
RF6528-72 x 35 x 31-1/2-3455TL-302 HR1850° F$7,080.00
RFX582820-64 x 34 x 29.25-3,418TL30x62 Hour1850° F$8,595.00
RFX703620-76 x 42 x 29.25-4,578TL30x62 Hour1850° F$10,095.00
DV652-6 x 52 x 14274DOJNA-$509.00
B954.5 x 17 x 1156 x 18 x 1810200DOJ30 MIN1200° F $689.00
B1058 x 16.5 x 1160 x 18 x 1814245DOJ30 MIN1200° F $809.00
B1458 x 20.5 x 1360 x 22 x 2018300DOJ30 MIN1200° F $889.00
BD2-3656 x 38 x 1460 x 42 x 28up to 48805RSC75 Min1400° F $1,999.00
S22-59 x 24 x 2422462DOJ751400° F$949.00
S36-59 x 29.25 x 28.536580DOJ751400° F$1,099.00
602618-60-60” x 26” x 21”24400DOJ60 Min1200° F$999.00
603020-60-60” x 30” x 23”28470DOJ60 Min1200° F$1,099.00
604024-60-60” x 40” x 27"48616DOJ60 Min1200° F$1,199.00
603020-90-60” x 30”x 23”20595DOJ90 Min1200° F$1,499.00
604024-90-60” x 40”x 27”48845DOJ90 Min1200° F$1,699.00

Gun safes come in a variety of sizes and security levels. We offer small handgun safes that can be secured under your bed, in your closet or in your vehicle. Rifle safes are most often placed in an interior closet or the garage, and with the nicer high gloss finish can be an elegant addition to your decor. At a minimum a gun safe should carry the California Department of Justice approval indicating that it is an approved firearms protection device. Many gun safes also offer additional degrees of burglar protection as well as varying levels of fire protection. Clearly gun safes are designed to safeguard firearms, however, most gun safes, particularly the taller rifle safes also provide safe storage for other valuables like cash, jewelry and important papers. Most gun safes can alternatively be configured with all shelves for use as a general purpose safe.


AMSEC is the preferred manufacturer of high quality gun safes. They have been providing safes and security solutions to the banking industry since 1948. This type of high security technology is built right into their gun safes. Each safe undergoes a rigid 28-point inspection before it leaves the factory. Their gun safe product line includes four different Series of safes that balance security with price. Their top of the line HS & RF Series is the highest security gun safe available on the market today, BF the best of class and their SF & TF Series some of the most affordable. AMSEC offers a no cost burglar, fire and flood warranty with each of their gun safes. If the safe is damaged by burglary, fire or flood they will repair or replace it free of any cost to you!


We like Cannon, the company and what they stand for, and their gun safes. Integrity and honesty are the two characteristics behind this company that define its existence. They say they have produced the best gun safes at the most competitive price, and they are prepared to stand behind that product with excellent warranty and service. They have demonstrated they mean what they say. Come check them out in our showroom.