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Fire Resistant Steel Cabinets

Even in an era when many expected the “paperless office” to be our reality, most businesses and homes continue to have important papers that need to be protected. Fire resistant filing cabinets are often the answer to that need. Fire resistant file cabinets come in a variety of sizes and styles including both fire resistant vertical file cabinets as well as cabinets that are horizontally oriented. These fire resistant steel cabinets are designed to protect at different levels according to your application.

There are two primary levels of fire protection offered by fire resistant filing cabinets, one designed for paper contents and one for electronic media. Fire resistant steel cabinets manufactured for paper have a fire resistance that is certified at 350 degrees maximum interior temperature. Electronic media is more delicate; for this type of application choose one of the fire resistant file cabinets that is rated at 125 degrees and maintains humidity levels below 85%. These different levels of protection are available in both fire resistant vertical file cabinets and horizontal cabinets.

Maximum Security Safes offers a wide selection of fire resistant filing cabinets and expert advice to assist you in selecting the best solution for your fire and/or burglar protection needs. Don’t leave your important papers vulnerable any longer; whether you choose one of the fire resistant vertical file cabinets or any other style these fire resistant file cabinets can give you peace of mind. Fire resistant steel cabinets continue to be in high demand and the price of steel is rapidly on the rise – don’t wait any longer, call us today and get the protection you need.