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Cannon Safes

We at Maximum Security are proud to offer Cannon safes to our customers. Cannon has been building Cannon gun safes since the 1960's and does an excellent job at providing high quality safes for an affordable price. Cannon Safes offers a full line of gun safes including their Cannon Traditional safes, Cannon Series gun safes and Patriot safes. In addition they offer an outstanding value on Cannon home series safes and Cannon wall safes. Cannon offers a lifetime warranty that can't be beat - no cost repair or replacement after a flood, attempted break-in, actual break-in or potential fire disaster. This support provides the highest level of confidence to both us as customer service-minded security providers as well as you as the end user.

In order to determine the best fit for your security needs you can compare the different product lines offered by Cannon Safes on the basis of security features and fire resistance. The old saying "you get what you pay for" certainly holds true here. The more secure and fire resistant the safe the more the safe costs. The Cannon Traditional safes are the high end line and as such have the thickest door at 2-1/4", the most substantial active-locking bolts at 1.5" - located top, side and bottom of the door and 10-guage steel construction. The Cannon Series gun safes have a 1.5" thick door, 1" active-locking bolts and 12-guage steel construction. The Patriot Series, for the most price sensitive buyers, have a 1" thick door, 1" active-locking bolts and 12-guage steel construction. All of the Cannon gun safes have commercial grade locks, either a Group 2 dial lock or a Type 1 electronic lock. In addition, all free-standing (not wall safes) have unibody construction, Surefire multiple re-lockers, extra-hard 60 RC steel hard-plate and Truelock internal hinges.

Cannon Safes has the fire resistance of their safes tested by Intertek, a completely independent, internationally recognized fire testing authority. The most fire resistant safes are the top of the line Cannon Traditional safes. These safes have qualified for certification at 1200 degrees for 90 minutes. The Cannon Series gun safes are labeled at the 60 minute level, and the Patriot gun safes qualify for the 30 minute fire resistance label. The Cannon Home Series safes are certified for the 75 minute label. The Cannon wall safes are not designed with fire resistance in mind. In order for a safe to fit in a standard wall there is not enough room to allow the thickness in the safe wall necessary for meaningful fire resistance.

Whether you are looking for a gun safe or a general purpose home safe, Cannon Safes has a high value option for you to consider. Cannon gun safes include the top of the line Cannon Traditional safes, middle of the road Cannon Series gun safes and cost conscious solution, Patriot safes. The Cannon Home Series offers an outstanding value in burglar and fire resistance for the home and/or office and the Cannon wall safes provide an excellent solution for the hidden safe need. Whatever level of burglar and/or fire resistance you require we at Maximum Security have a safe that can meet your need.

To learn more about specific AMSEC products select the appropriate safe category from our Product Catalog menu or call us at 800-538-0600.