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Cannon Gun Safes

We like Cannon, the company and what they stand for, and their gun safes. Integrity and honesty are the two characteristics behind this company that define its existence. They say they have produced the best gun safes at the most competitive price, and they are prepared to stand behind that product with excellent warranty and service. They have demonstrated they mean what they say. Come check them out in our showroom.

H x W x D
Gun CapacityWt. LbsBurglary RatingFire RatingTemperature RatingPrice
602618-3060 x 26 x 2124338DOJ30 Min1200° F$799.00
602618-6060” x 26” x 21”24400DOJ60 Min1200° F$999.00
603020-6060” x 30” x 23”28470DOJ60 Min1200° F$1,099.00
603020-9060” x 30”x 23”20595DOJ90 Min1200° F$1,499.00
604024-6060” x 40” x 27"48616DOJ60 Min1200° F$1,199.00
604024-9060” x 40”x 27”48845DOJ90 Min1200° F$1,699.00

Quality burglar and fire protection for firearms and/or home and office.