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At Maximum Security we are committed to offering you the best quality and value in safes for your security needs. American Security Products, also known as AMSEC safes, manufactures just that type of product. AMSEC has a full line of safes including burglar resistant safes, AMSEC fireproof safes, AMSEC gun safes, AMSEC floor safes, AMSEC wall safes and more.

It is important to clarify a misconception in the safe market. Many people call requesting AMSEC fireproof safes; however no such safe exists. Fire resistant safes are manufactured for fire protection but none have achieved the level of being truly fire proof. Given enough heat and time all safes can be compromised. In order to evaluate the level of fire protection offered by a safe look for the fire label on the inside of the door. Safes are tested either at the factory or by an independent laboratory and receive a rating according to what test they undergo and how they perform. AMSEC puts fire labels on most of their AMSEC gun safes and home safes as well as select wall safes. AMSEC floor safes offer fire resistance when they are installed properly in a concrete floor. Most AMSEC wall safes are not fire resistant.

AMSEC offers a wide selection of AMSEC safes. AMSEC gun safes includes entry level solutions in the TF Series, thirty minute fire rated gun safes as well as the SF Series of sixty minute gun safes, the unique superior construction of the BF Series gun safes and the high security HS Series gun safes. All of these safes offer both burglar and fire resistance. In addition, AMSEC has a BF Series of home safes that offer the same outstanding construction and associated burglar and fire resistance. The AMSEC floor safes include the Super Brute, Brute and Mini Brute floor safes with square bodies and square doors. AMSEC also offers the Star tube floor safes and the Star rectangular body floor safes both with round lift out doors. For customers who are looking for hidden protection in the wall they have a line of AMSEC wall safes. Wall safes fit between standard wall studs and have pre-drilled anchor holes and a built-in flange that eliminates the need for replastering. AMSEC also offers a variety of high security TL15 and TL30 safes as well as retail and smaller safes. The AMSEC fireproof safes passed a 1-hour fire test or 2-hour fire test respectively.

We at Maximum Security are very selective about the manufacturers with whom we choose to work. We are committed to providing our customers quality products that stand up over time AND are backed up by excellent support from the manufacturer. AMSEC Safes is located in near-by Fontana, California and for 50 years has demonstrated that they stand behind their product. When you purchase your AMSEC gun safe, AMSEC home safe, AMSEC floor safe, AMSEC fireproof safe, or AMSEC wall safe from Maximum Security you have the excellent combination of dealer and manufacturer who will support you before, during and after the sale.

To learn about specific AMSEC products select the appropriate safe category from our Product Catalog menu or call us at 800-538-0600.