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4-Pocket Door Organizer

4-Pocket Door Organizer
4-Pocket Door Organizer
Price: $15.00

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Door Organizer

The 4-Pocket Door Organizer, aka Stack-On SPAO-148, is a safe and security cabinet organizer. It hangs on the inside of the door expanding and organizing storage possibilities. Constructed out of heavy fabric it will last you many years.

The mesh pocket at the top can be sectioned off into two smaller compartments. There is a belt strap for hanging knives and other items. Two large gusseted pockets below accommodate handguns, jewelry and other small valuables.

This convenient organizer will easily attach to the inside of the door. You will greatly expand your safe's storage capacity with the SPAO-148 Door Organizer.


  • Up to 4 pockets
  • Top section has a large pocket which can be divided into two depending on storage need
  • A strap underneath that holds anything that might be used on a belt, such as walkie talkies, knives, small flashlights, etc.
  • Two large pockets below hold pistols, jewelry, game calls and more
  • Dimensions: 30" L x 8" W