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Introducing Gun Safes & Home Safes by Winchester

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Winchester Gun & Home Safes

Here at Maximum Security Safes we are pleased to introduce our newest line of gun safes and home safes by Winchester Safes. They offer a variety of different models and sizes that are sure to fit your needs. Winchester is one of the best values in the security industry offering affordable pricing along with great burglary and fire ratings. We carry 2 lines of Winchester gun safes: Silverado Premier Series and Ranger Deluxe Series, and the Home and Office Series.

The Silverado Premier Series gun safes are offered in 3 sizes holding up to 54 guns and are constructed of 10 gauge steel. Silverado come with a 2 hour fire rating @ 1400°F and is less expensive than competitors that offer 30 and 60 minute fire ratings. They also offer great burglary protection with a UL listed lock and UL RSC label. Another cool feature of the Silverado is the power docking system with two 110V power outlets with Ethernet and USB.

The Ranger Deluxe Series gun safes are also offered in 3 sizes holding up to 51 guns. The Ranger Deluxe Series is one of the best valued gun safes on the market today. The Ranger 19 is priced at $999 and comes with a 60 minute fire rating @ 1400°F. This stands in at an impressive 60”H x 28”W x 23”D holds up to 24 guns and has been flying off the showroom floor since we introduced the model. Both the Silverado and Ranger rifles safes come with a very nicely appointed interior door panel to store additional hand guns and documents. The Ranger gun safes also have a UL tested high security lock and carry the UL RSC label for burglar security.

The Home and Office Series are the most popular home safes we carry. They are burglary tested by UL and pass a 75 minute fire test @ 1400°F. This series comes in 2 sizes and offers great value for a multi-purpose office and home safe. These safes come standard with locking drawers, great to store your pistol or other item you want extra secure. The smaller WH7 comes with 1 drawer and the larger WH12 comes with 2 drawers, both include a key lock to secure the drawers giving you even more protection.

We are very excited to introduce Winchester Gun Safes and Winchester Home Safes to you; they are a great value and offer a safe that fits everyone’s needs. For assistance in selecting the Winchester Safe that is right for you call Maximum Security Safes today @ (800) 538-0600.

Thieves Outwit Alarm Systems

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Home BurglaryA recent run of home burglaries in Texas suggests that thieves have learned to outsmart residential security systems. With knowledge of typical installations crooks are able to quickly enter the home, gather their loot and escape. When home safes are in use, protected valuables are secure while other items are easily snatched up.

Police indicate that homes are being broken into through back doors and windows. This way crooks can gain entrance without passersby seeing them. Once inside the thieves stay to the back of the house avoiding any visibility through front windows. Staying out of front rooms also means they are clear of locations where motion sensors are most frequently positioned.

There are plenty of valuables to be found in bedrooms, offices and family rooms that are often located in the back of homes. Should they run across a security safe, they may try briefly to open the safe but any quality safe will hold it’s own. Burglars will quickly move on to more accessible items.

While an alarm system will deter some burglars and shorten the stay of others, a home security safe will provide you that last line of defense that can make all the difference for the heirloom jewelry you look forward to passing on to your granddaughter.

When shopping for a good home safe consider one that provides quality burglar and fire protection. Simply the word SAFE on the box is not enough. A plastic interior is a sure sign of a safe to avoid! At a minimum look for a safe that is certified by Underwriters Laboratory as a Residential Security Container (RSC) and also includes 1-hour of fire protection.

The experts at Maximum Security Safes would be happy to consult with you by phone or in person in our showroom. We can help you select the right home safe for your specific needs. Call Maximum Security Safes at (800) 538-0600 today!

The Best Location for Your Home Safe

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Safe Installation

Home safes are a great way to protect your valuables. Where you put your security safe is an important component of the security it will offer. But, there is not one best place. The placement decision should be based on the contents and how frequently you want access to them, the type of safe and how heavy the safe is.

Security safes that hold frequently accessed items should be placed as close to the point of use as possible. The safe won’t offer you much protection if you don’t use it because it isn’t convenient. A home safe used to secure jewelry or watches should be placed in the master dressing room, master bedroom, or possibly a close proximity office or spare room. You may want to secure the safe to a pedestal or reinforced shelf to bring it up closer to eye level for added convenience. If the safe will hold a gun for emergency situations you will likely want it in or near your bedroom. Small pistol safes are great for bolting under the bed, to the bedside table or the inside of the bedroom closet.

If the contents of the home safe are items you don’t need access to frequently then the location is less critical. An out of the way spot is likely your best bet, maybe a remote closet or the garage. Safes that secure guns for hobby can be placed in the garage, office, spare bedroom or even the family room or living room. A beautiful high gloss gun safe can be an attractive addition to your home décor. Security safes used for collections do well in a convenient closet or family room. Fire safes used to secure documents are well placed in an office or the garage.

The type of home safe may dictate where it will be placed as well. Some types are obvious; floor safes are installed into the slab and therefore belong in the garage or ground floor of a slab foundation home. Be sure your home doesn’t have post tension cables before you invest in a floor safe! Wall safes are designed to be discrete. Rather than give away any specific tips here for all to hear we can talk with you privately about ideas for discrete locations over the phone or in person.

The weight of your safe is a factor in placement. Generally safes under 1,000 lbs. can go to the second floor, if your stairs are maneuverable for the size of safe you have selected. Safes over 1,000 lbs. should be placed on the ground floor or in the garage. Carefully select placement of one of these heavy safes if your home has a raised foundation. Be sure to consult an expert to make sure you have chosen an appropriate location.

Call the experts at Maximum Security Safes today to discuss the best location for your safe. There are some additional tips we can share with you personally that are better not shared in a public setting.

Luxury Jewelry Safes – 5 Things to Look For

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Luxury Jewelry SafeWhere do you keep your jewelry?  If you are like many folks it’s in a bedroom or bathroom drawer, crammed in a too small jewelry box, or laying on your bathroom counter.  Maybe you are tricky, and even hide some special pieces in places a burglar would “never find”, or so you hope.

It’s not worth it.  The risk of your jewelry, with precious memories attached, left vulnerable to burglary and fire, just doesn’t make sense.  The thought, it would never happen to me, only works for so long.  The effort and investment required to protect these precious items and the memories they represent is well within reach…enter jewelry safes.

But not all jewelry safes are created alike.  In fact, it is easy to go to either extreme, buying a false sense of security or being scared off thinking jewelry safes need to cost many thousands of dollars.  Good quality, reliable luxury jewelry safes can be affordable and beautiful.

So, what to look for in your jewelry safe:
1)    Independently verified burglar protection, UL RSC labeled
2)    Independently verified fire protection, 1 hour labeled
3)    High security digital lock, UL rated
4)    Interior drawers with organizer sections and protective fabric lining,
5)    The right location to place your safe.

Webster’s definition for a safe is, a place or receptacle to keep articles (as valuables) safe.  Even a fishing tackle box meets that criteria.  I don’t think many of us would feel secure storing our precious valuables in that!  The well know testing agency United Laboratories, UL, tests burglary safes offering a Residential Security label to any security safe meeting the requirements of a quality home burglar safe.  Look for that label.

Fire protection is evaluated based on the minimum amount of time the interior of a safe will stay below 350°F.  A common question is, how long does a typical house fire burn?  Years of attempts to get statistics from fire authorities and fire personnel have brought me no closer to a firm answer than when I began. There are just too many variables involved to get an average or a statistic that can give us comfort.  After 16 years in the jewelry safe business my personal place of comfort is a minimum of one hour of independently verified fire protection.  UL, Mercury and ETL are all highly reputable testing authorities that test safes for fire protection.  This independent testing gives me the confidence that my luxury jewelry safe will perform when put to the test. Look for a 1 hour fire label from a reputable third party testing agency.

There are lots of options available when it comes to locks.  First, be sure you select a jewelry safe with a high security lock.  UL tests locks and verifies their quality.  For your jewelry, don’t mess around with any lock that isn’t designated high security by UL.  High security locks come in three primary styles, the traditional tumble style combination lock, the digital lock and the biometric fingerprint lock.  Any of these three will provide you the security you need.  The digital lock is just so much more convenient than the tumbler and more affordable than the biometric.

Finally, be sure to select a good placement for your luxury jewelry safe.  You want it to be secure so that no one can carry it out.  And, you want it to be convenient so that you will actually use it.

Now, what are you waiting for?  With a little help from the experts at Maximum Security your luxury jewelry safe can be selected and installed in days.  Come on in or call us at Maximum Security Safes, or visit our Jewelry Safes page on the web, and let us help you get your jewelry protected now.

Jewelry Safes and 8 Other Tips to Protect Your Jewelry

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Diamond ring for jewelry safeJewelry safes protect personal jewelry from damage, theft and fire. The key characteristics of a home jewelry safe include an interior that provides well designed, velvet lined organization for your jewelry and a safe itself that provides verified burglar and fire protection. Third party verification by a reputable testing agency ensures that the protection that you expect is indeed the protection that you are getting with the jewelry safe that you purchase.

In addition to jewelry safes there are several other tips to consider to protect your jewelry. Damage to jewelry is very common, but fortunately proper attention and care can limit if not eliminate the likelihood of damage.

  • Remove jewelry before playing sports, swimming, gardening or doing difficult chores around the house. Be sure to put it in a safe place, your jewelry safe.
  • Don’t leave your jewelry on an open surface such as a counter, near a sink or in a public area.
  • Jewelry should never be put in your pocket, it just isn’t worth the risk. Instead take the time to put it in a safe place, your jewelry safe.
  • Be careful when removing gloves as jewelry can easily become snagged or lost.
  • Personally inspect your jewelry regularly for missing stones or damaged prongs, especially immediately after you bump or catch your jewelry.
  • Periodically have your jeweler inspect your jewelry, especially the items you wear often. A jeweler can detect and repair small problems like a loose prong or faulty clasp before something is lost.
  • Consider insuring your pieces of most significant value. You may find that the cost to insure is reduced if you store your jewelry in a quality jewelry safe.
  • Using a home security system is always a good companion to jewelry safes. The sign on your lawn or window may cause the thief to pass by your house and if they do enter they will know their time is limited.

My daughter’s friend recently found her mom’s diamond, lost 2 ½ years ago, in the backyard at their house. It had already been replaced, at full cost. I had two of my mother’s rings stolen years ago when our home was burglarized, they were never found. Family heirlooms lost forever. The moral of the stories is take precautions with your jewelry before this happens to you. At Maximum Security Safes we have a full selection of jewelry safes and safes of all types and sizes with most items in stock for quick delivery. Check out our jewelry safes on the web or at our Santa Ana showroom this week!

Sad Story of a Home Security Safe Buyer

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Sean was in our store today looking at safes for home. After two bad experiences with home security safes from big box stores he has learned the hard way. The first security safe was too light weight and not bolted down; it was carried off by burglars with the wife’s jewelry and all their important papers inside while he and his family slept undisturbed upstairs. The second home security safe was larger and heavier, but not very good quality. Two months after the one-year warranty expired the handle malfunctioned. After several phone conversations with the manufacturer and hours of frustration he was still unable to open the safe. At that point Sean realized it was well past time to invest in a quality home safe and he came to visit us at Maximum Security Safes.

So, how do you buy a home safe? A security safe that will truly protect your valuables, not just give you a false sense of security? The first key is asking questions about the product you are considering so you know what you are buying. You are looking to protect some of your most precious valuables; this decision warrants careful consideration not a knee jerk response.

It is important to understand is that there is such a thing as too good a deal. We have a $285, 185 lb, 2 cu ft security safe in our store from a leading supplier of safes in the country. The inexpensive digital lock failed and the owner couldn’t find the back-up key. The security safe was then opened by an eager teenager with a home screw driver in 2 minutes. The owner brought the safe to us in disgust, looking for a security safe he could trust.

What questions will you ask to prevent this scenario from happening to you?

  • 1) Is the home security safe made of steel or plastic? (How much value will you entrust to a plastic security box?)
  • 2) Has this home safe been tested against burglary and/or fire by a responsible testing entity like United Laboratories (U.L.)? Be very careful if the sales person says “It’s just as good as…”.
  • 3) Can you get support from the place you are buying the security box, should you need it?

Obviously there are many more questions that you can ask, and you should, before you make this important decision. These considerations hold true regardless of the type of safe you are looking for, general purpose home safes, jewelry safes, gun safes as well as safes for business. If you have the opportunity, go to a store that has a good variety, 20+ security safes, on their showroom floor of various sizes and price ranges. Test the locks, open and close the doors and begin to get a feel for what you get at different price points. If the security safe does not have any labels on it from independent testing labs, buyer beware.

Don’t fall into the trap of learning the hard way like Sean and our other customer mentioned above. Learn from their mistakes and make an educated purchase.

Morals to the story.

  • 1) If you must get a small light home safe, bolt it down.
  • 2) Believe the truth of the old adage, you get what you pay for.
  • 3) Ask questions of a knowledgeable source before you buy.

Burglaries Lead to More Safes for Home

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Police in communities across the country are alerting homeowners of a rise in home burglaries. It is time to do a home security evaluation and consider a quality home safe to secure your valuables.

Over the past few months there has been a significant rise in the number of newspaper articles in which police warn homeowners of an increase in home burglaries.

Police report a rise in home burglaries. San Ramon, CA 11/09
During the holidays home burglaries increase. Richmond Hill, GA 12/8
• 4.5% increase in burglaries over last year. Omaha, NE 11/09
• The list goes on….

Police urge homeowners to secure their homes and protect their valuables. Safes for home are one significant piece of doing just that.

Our current economy is the major factor contributing to this increase in home burglaries. However, this time of year makes us particularly tempting targets due to earlier darkness and the influx of cash and gifts in homes as a result of the holidays.

We all need to take security more seriously, especially right now. The first step in that direction is to check your home for safety. Check out the Home Security Checklist from the National Crime Prevention Council.

The next step is to lock up your valuables in a burglar and fire resistive safe from Maximum Security. Call us today at (800) 538-0600 or locally at (714) 550-4123 and we will help you find just the right home safe for your needs.

Big Box Safes – They May Cost You More than You Expect

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Purchasing the “least expensive” security safe may require a more careful examination than you realize.Let me share with you a real life story of a customer of ours.Like so many of us this gentleman knew he needed a safe but didn’t have time to look into the decision carefully.So, he did what many homeowners and small businesses do, he bought a safe from a big box store that he had seen for months and knew was a “great deal”.A few months later the lock malfunctioned and he couldn’t get the safe to open.In a hurry to get to his valuables he grabbed a screw driver and within five minutes was able to pop the door off the “security” safe.The hinges were spot welded onto the body of the safe with only two small dots for each hinge.In this case his only loss was the cost of the safe – others may not be so fortunate.

At Maximum Security Safes we provide expert consulting by phone or in person to help you select the best safe for your needs.As a safe specialty store we buy wide variety of safes in volume and operate with very low overhead so we can offer highly discounted prices.For our Southern California customers we have a large showroom just off the 5 and 55 freeways in Santa Ana where we have on display a selection of over 100 different safes.We can help you quickly identify what safe will provide the protection you need at a price you can afford.

Call us today so that we can help you protect your valuables.If seeing is believing stop by and see with your own eyes the “great deal” of a security safe gone bad (donated to us by our customer above); you will no longer be tempted to make the same mistake this gentleman made.