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Treasure your Jewels in a Luxury Jewelry Safe

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Small Jewelry SafeWhether your jewels have monetary or sentimental value, they are treasures that you want to have forever. The best way to ensure this is to lock them up in a luxury jewelry safe. Overstuffed drawers, multiple hiding places, and unorganized pouches can easily lead to missing rings, tangled necklaces, and earrings without their match. Typical hiding places around the home do little to protect your gems, and bank security boxes leave them out of your reach when you are dressing. Safes for jewelry are a much better solution. Here are a few tips for keeping your pieces organized and easily accessible to only you.

  • Customize your set-up. Think through how you choose your jewelry when getting dressed. Do you prefer to have sets of items together or organized by category or color? Should casual everyday jewelry be kept more accessible than pricier pieces? You may decide the right solution is to keep your casual every day items in a conveniently located wall safe and choose from one of the better quality jewelry safes to secure the high value items.
  • Location, location, location. Where do you have enough space to hold your gems? Do you have enough dresser top space to showcase a jewelry box, a dresser drawer for dividers, or eye-level closet space? These places might be convenient but now take security into consideration – jewelry safes can fit in many convenient locations as well. Keep in mind how much light you will require to fully take stalk of your collection and match your jewelry to your outfit. Safes for jewelry can be configured with lighting. Also consider how once you have chosen the location and conceptualized the best way to organize your collection, you can purchase containers that fit your personal preferences. Consider a home safe that includes a jewelry chest inside.
  • Eliminate worry.Losing track of your grandmother’s pearls or the pendant your mother-in-law gave you can cause unending headaches. You can cure that pit in your stomach by investing in various degrees of protection.
    • To avoid losing rings in the bottom of your purse keep a small velvet pouch in your handbag so you can safely stow your items if you have to take them off mid-day. Also, place a small ring saucer by your bathroom sink for when you wash your hands.
    • When traveling, transport your jewelry in a protective pouch or case and lock it up in the hotel room safe if possible. Hint: Wrap necklaces and chains around small pieces of rolled up paper towel to prevent tangling.
    • If you have only a few precious pieces you can purchase a small jewelry safe and bolt it down to a shelf in your closet. This can be a relatively inexpensive option and will deter the average burglar or nosey construction worker.
    • For your more expensive pieces of jewelry we recommend keeping a file of appraisals and receipts. Put these items along with their appraisals in a high quality burglar and fire home safe.
    • Finally, think about splurging on a luxury jewelry safe. Instead of having to run to your bank deposit-box every time you want to wear your nice jewelry, keep them in an equally secure safe in the convenience of your own home. Maximum Security’s high quality luxury jewelry safes provide a solution to all of your jewelry nightmares. A secure fire proof safe will not only protect your jewelry from jealous hands but will also hold a luxurious chest to serve as an equally beautiful home for them.

For more information about keeping your jewelry safe visit Maximum Security Safes on the web or at our Southern California location.

10 Steps to Keeping Your Jewelry Safe

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Jewelry theft is often a crime of opportunity. Visitors in your home; workers, friends or even family members are tempted by valuables that are visible or easily accessible. Burglars are always looking for the easiest targets. Each year greater than $1 billion of jewelry disappears in North America. Protecting your valuables in a jewelry safe is just one of the steps you can take to reduce your chance of being victimized.

Do keep your jewelry safe by:

1) Installing good locks on doors and windows and using them when you leave the house and at night.
2) Permanently installing and regularly using a secure home jewelry safe.
3) Implementing a home security system and arming it every time you leave the house and at night.
4) Carrying expensive jewelry items with you on board planes, trains or ships when you travel.
5) Using a hotel safe for your expensive jewelry items whenever it is available.

Don’t risk harm to your jewelry by:

1) Leaving jewelry out on an open surface like kitchen or bathroom counter.
2) Putting jewelry in pockets where it can fall out and be lost or damaged.
3) Wearing jewelry when gardening, doing heavy chores, swimming or playing sports.
4) Storing expensive jewelry in a jewelry box or tray, unless it is inside a jewelry safe.
5) Hiding your jewelry in a “great hiding place”, burglars already know all about those “great” spots.

Our jewelry is often one of our most precious possessions, an expression of love given to us as a gift or inheritance or an investment we make after careful consideration. Regardless of how the value is derived our jewelry is worth some effort to keep it safe.

We at Maximum Security Safes would be happy to talk with you about effective ways to protect your jewelry. We offer three lines of home jewelry safes; high security, premium and value, and if you don’t find just what you want in our standard lines we are able to design a custom jewelry safe to meet your needs.

Our large safe showroom in Santa Ana, CA is a great resource for our local customers and our informational safes and security website offers help for those near and far. Call us today for more information on how to protect your jewelry with a jewelry safe from Maximum Security Safes.