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Fires Prove Time and Again…No Match for AMSEC Fire Safes

Monday, September 16th, 2013

When the only thing left standing after a rampaging fire is your fire safe with precious valuables inside, unaffected by the disaster, that’s the moment of confirmation when you think: “Yes. This is exactly why I invested in a high quality safe.”

Don Koester, owner of Four Lakes Chelan Winery in Chelan, WA, had the same thought when his wine-bottling warehouse went up in flames in May 2013. Koester’s AMSEC safe with fire protection held his extensive and irreplaceable coin and stamp collection, among other valuables.

After the fire, Koester saw his safe, but remained afraid…would the safe’s assured fire protection really hold up to its promise? “I was devastated at my losses and it took this long to get my courage up,” he said.

When he finally did muster the courage to open the safe door, Koester was amazed: “lo and behold, nothing was damaged other than some smoke.”

Pray for the best, prepare for the worst, right?

Many times people think that the primary reason to get a safe is to protect their valuables against burglaries, but the home fire statistics may surprise you. In 2011, U.S. fire departments responded to 370,000 home structure fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association, which is proof why a safe’s fire rating is so important. (more…)

3 Important Considerations for Safeguarding your Valuables

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Success in life has many great benefits, including the ability to invest in objects of value. After working hard to acquire these items, you want to make sure that your valuables are protected, as certain items are easy to carry off and frequently the target of would-be thieves.

Enjoy the things that matter without fear or worry by taking the following precautions:

1.  Keep an Updated Inventory

Creating a catalogue of valuables will help ensure that everything is where it should be, and to more easily target an absence if something goes missing. In addition, you’ll be able to prove ownership to authorities or insurance agents in case of emergency. Having a dedicated file for receipts and notes about purchases is a great start in protecting these valuables. Keep electronic records by scanning these documents; you won’t have to worry about digging through the hard copies trying to find a proof of purchase. Another great way to start an inventory of your jewelry is to use a video camera to create a visual record. Walk through your house and narrate the video by describing each item as you film it, then upload the final product in a secure place. Make sure to redo your catalogue at least once a year – or more frequently depending on how often the content changes.

2.  Store Valuables in a Safe Location

There’s no better place to store truly irreplaceable items than behind a solid, locking door. You might think that you’ve found the “perfect hiding spot,” or that no one would have the opportunity to access your belongings, but you might be surprised at how many people come and go from your personal spaces on a regular basis. There’s always the chance that a burglar will break in to your home or place of work, but as with other crimes, often the responsible party is someone you know, such as an acquaintance, employee, or contractor. Finally, starting the habit of always putting your valuables in your safe will help you avoid the unfortunate scenario of wondering if you misplaced an important item, or if it was taken.

3.    Insure Valuables for the Right Amount

Normal homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover certain items, even if the value of those items falls within your limit for damages. Expensive items will most likely need to be cataloged and insured separately. An insurance agent will gladly help you find the amount of coverage that’s right for you, and will even come to your home or place of work at your convenience. Make sure to compare several offers and do some research before committing to a policy and prevent ending up with the wrong type of protection.

It doesn’t take a lot to save you the stress, anger, and potential heartache of lost or stolen treasures. Protect your valuable belongings using a secure, quality jewelry safe.

What tips can you give for protecting precious belongings? Give us your answers in the comment section below.

Treasure your Jewels in a Luxury Jewelry Safe

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Small Jewelry SafeWhether your jewels have monetary or sentimental value, they are treasures that you want to have forever. The best way to ensure this is to lock them up in a luxury jewelry safe. Overstuffed drawers, multiple hiding places, and unorganized pouches can easily lead to missing rings, tangled necklaces, and earrings without their match. Typical hiding places around the home do little to protect your gems, and bank security boxes leave them out of your reach when you are dressing. Safes for jewelry are a much better solution. Here are a few tips for keeping your pieces organized and easily accessible to only you.

  • Customize your set-up. Think through how you choose your jewelry when getting dressed. Do you prefer to have sets of items together or organized by category or color? Should casual everyday jewelry be kept more accessible than pricier pieces? You may decide the right solution is to keep your casual every day items in a conveniently located wall safe and choose from one of the better quality jewelry safes to secure the high value items.
  • Location, location, location. Where do you have enough space to hold your gems? Do you have enough dresser top space to showcase a jewelry box, a dresser drawer for dividers, or eye-level closet space? These places might be convenient but now take security into consideration – jewelry safes can fit in many convenient locations as well. Keep in mind how much light you will require to fully take stalk of your collection and match your jewelry to your outfit. Safes for jewelry can be configured with lighting. Also consider how once you have chosen the location and conceptualized the best way to organize your collection, you can purchase containers that fit your personal preferences. Consider a home safe that includes a jewelry chest inside.
  • Eliminate worry.Losing track of your grandmother’s pearls or the pendant your mother-in-law gave you can cause unending headaches. You can cure that pit in your stomach by investing in various degrees of protection.
    • To avoid losing rings in the bottom of your purse keep a small velvet pouch in your handbag so you can safely stow your items if you have to take them off mid-day. Also, place a small ring saucer by your bathroom sink for when you wash your hands.
    • When traveling, transport your jewelry in a protective pouch or case and lock it up in the hotel room safe if possible. Hint: Wrap necklaces and chains around small pieces of rolled up paper towel to prevent tangling.
    • If you have only a few precious pieces you can purchase a small jewelry safe and bolt it down to a shelf in your closet. This can be a relatively inexpensive option and will deter the average burglar or nosey construction worker.
    • For your more expensive pieces of jewelry we recommend keeping a file of appraisals and receipts. Put these items along with their appraisals in a high quality burglar and fire home safe.
    • Finally, think about splurging on a luxury jewelry safe. Instead of having to run to your bank deposit-box every time you want to wear your nice jewelry, keep them in an equally secure safe in the convenience of your own home. Maximum Security’s high quality luxury jewelry safes provide a solution to all of your jewelry nightmares. A secure fire proof safe will not only protect your jewelry from jealous hands but will also hold a luxurious chest to serve as an equally beautiful home for them.

For more information about keeping your jewelry safe visit Maximum Security Safes on the web or at our Southern California location.

What’s the “BEST” Jewelry Safe?

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Luxury Jewelry Safe

The one that has room for everything you want to protect, safely and conveniently. The one that looks the way you want it to look. The one that fits where you want to put it. The one that keeps out the bad guy who is stupid enough to break into your home. The one that protects your valuables from fire until the crew puts it out. The one that fits your budget.

Preparation will help you get the right jewelry safe for your needs. Before you go shopping take a mental if not paper inventory of the things you want to protect. Keep in mind you probably have additional valuables you will want to secure when you go out of town and you may acquire more valuables over the years. Think about where the jewelry safe will be placed so that it is convenient and you will actually use it. Take measurements of any tight spaces you so have an idea of how much space you have to work with.

There are many jewelry safes out there, but what you need is the best one for YOU. While it’s not rocket science it does help to talk with a safe expert. All jewelry safes are not created alike and you ought to know what you are getting. Don’t fall prey to the “great deal” that will provide a false sense of security rather than the protection that you need.

To make sure you get the best jewelry safe for your needs visit us on the web at Maximum Security Jewelry Safes
or call us at 800-538-0600 or locally at 714-550-4123. We ship all over the U.S..

Luxury Jewelry Safes – 5 Things to Look For

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Luxury Jewelry SafeWhere do you keep your jewelry?  If you are like many folks it’s in a bedroom or bathroom drawer, crammed in a too small jewelry box, or laying on your bathroom counter.  Maybe you are tricky, and even hide some special pieces in places a burglar would “never find”, or so you hope.

It’s not worth it.  The risk of your jewelry, with precious memories attached, left vulnerable to burglary and fire, just doesn’t make sense.  The thought, it would never happen to me, only works for so long.  The effort and investment required to protect these precious items and the memories they represent is well within reach…enter jewelry safes.

But not all jewelry safes are created alike.  In fact, it is easy to go to either extreme, buying a false sense of security or being scared off thinking jewelry safes need to cost many thousands of dollars.  Good quality, reliable luxury jewelry safes can be affordable and beautiful.

So, what to look for in your jewelry safe:
1)    Independently verified burglar protection, UL RSC labeled
2)    Independently verified fire protection, 1 hour labeled
3)    High security digital lock, UL rated
4)    Interior drawers with organizer sections and protective fabric lining,
5)    The right location to place your safe.

Webster’s definition for a safe is, a place or receptacle to keep articles (as valuables) safe.  Even a fishing tackle box meets that criteria.  I don’t think many of us would feel secure storing our precious valuables in that!  The well know testing agency United Laboratories, UL, tests burglary safes offering a Residential Security label to any security safe meeting the requirements of a quality home burglar safe.  Look for that label.

Fire protection is evaluated based on the minimum amount of time the interior of a safe will stay below 350°F.  A common question is, how long does a typical house fire burn?  Years of attempts to get statistics from fire authorities and fire personnel have brought me no closer to a firm answer than when I began. There are just too many variables involved to get an average or a statistic that can give us comfort.  After 16 years in the jewelry safe business my personal place of comfort is a minimum of one hour of independently verified fire protection.  UL, Mercury and ETL are all highly reputable testing authorities that test safes for fire protection.  This independent testing gives me the confidence that my luxury jewelry safe will perform when put to the test. Look for a 1 hour fire label from a reputable third party testing agency.

There are lots of options available when it comes to locks.  First, be sure you select a jewelry safe with a high security lock.  UL tests locks and verifies their quality.  For your jewelry, don’t mess around with any lock that isn’t designated high security by UL.  High security locks come in three primary styles, the traditional tumble style combination lock, the digital lock and the biometric fingerprint lock.  Any of these three will provide you the security you need.  The digital lock is just so much more convenient than the tumbler and more affordable than the biometric.

Finally, be sure to select a good placement for your luxury jewelry safe.  You want it to be secure so that no one can carry it out.  And, you want it to be convenient so that you will actually use it.

Now, what are you waiting for?  With a little help from the experts at Maximum Security your luxury jewelry safe can be selected and installed in days.  Come on in or call us at Maximum Security Safes, or visit our Jewelry Safes page on the web, and let us help you get your jewelry protected now.

Jewelry Safes and 8 Other Tips to Protect Your Jewelry

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Diamond ring for jewelry safeJewelry safes protect personal jewelry from damage, theft and fire. The key characteristics of a home jewelry safe include an interior that provides well designed, velvet lined organization for your jewelry and a safe itself that provides verified burglar and fire protection. Third party verification by a reputable testing agency ensures that the protection that you expect is indeed the protection that you are getting with the jewelry safe that you purchase.

In addition to jewelry safes there are several other tips to consider to protect your jewelry. Damage to jewelry is very common, but fortunately proper attention and care can limit if not eliminate the likelihood of damage.

  • Remove jewelry before playing sports, swimming, gardening or doing difficult chores around the house. Be sure to put it in a safe place, your jewelry safe.
  • Don’t leave your jewelry on an open surface such as a counter, near a sink or in a public area.
  • Jewelry should never be put in your pocket, it just isn’t worth the risk. Instead take the time to put it in a safe place, your jewelry safe.
  • Be careful when removing gloves as jewelry can easily become snagged or lost.
  • Personally inspect your jewelry regularly for missing stones or damaged prongs, especially immediately after you bump or catch your jewelry.
  • Periodically have your jeweler inspect your jewelry, especially the items you wear often. A jeweler can detect and repair small problems like a loose prong or faulty clasp before something is lost.
  • Consider insuring your pieces of most significant value. You may find that the cost to insure is reduced if you store your jewelry in a quality jewelry safe.
  • Using a home security system is always a good companion to jewelry safes. The sign on your lawn or window may cause the thief to pass by your house and if they do enter they will know their time is limited.

My daughter’s friend recently found her mom’s diamond, lost 2 ½ years ago, in the backyard at their house. It had already been replaced, at full cost. I had two of my mother’s rings stolen years ago when our home was burglarized, they were never found. Family heirlooms lost forever. The moral of the stories is take precautions with your jewelry before this happens to you. At Maximum Security Safes we have a full selection of jewelry safes and safes of all types and sizes with most items in stock for quick delivery. Check out our jewelry safes on the web or at our Santa Ana showroom this week!

Sad Story of a Home Security Safe Buyer

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Sean was in our store today looking at safes for home. After two bad experiences with home security safes from big box stores he has learned the hard way. The first security safe was too light weight and not bolted down; it was carried off by burglars with the wife’s jewelry and all their important papers inside while he and his family slept undisturbed upstairs. The second home security safe was larger and heavier, but not very good quality. Two months after the one-year warranty expired the handle malfunctioned. After several phone conversations with the manufacturer and hours of frustration he was still unable to open the safe. At that point Sean realized it was well past time to invest in a quality home safe and he came to visit us at Maximum Security Safes.

So, how do you buy a home safe? A security safe that will truly protect your valuables, not just give you a false sense of security? The first key is asking questions about the product you are considering so you know what you are buying. You are looking to protect some of your most precious valuables; this decision warrants careful consideration not a knee jerk response.

It is important to understand is that there is such a thing as too good a deal. We have a $285, 185 lb, 2 cu ft security safe in our store from a leading supplier of safes in the country. The inexpensive digital lock failed and the owner couldn’t find the back-up key. The security safe was then opened by an eager teenager with a home screw driver in 2 minutes. The owner brought the safe to us in disgust, looking for a security safe he could trust.

What questions will you ask to prevent this scenario from happening to you?

  • 1) Is the home security safe made of steel or plastic? (How much value will you entrust to a plastic security box?)
  • 2) Has this home safe been tested against burglary and/or fire by a responsible testing entity like United Laboratories (U.L.)? Be very careful if the sales person says “It’s just as good as…”.
  • 3) Can you get support from the place you are buying the security box, should you need it?

Obviously there are many more questions that you can ask, and you should, before you make this important decision. These considerations hold true regardless of the type of safe you are looking for, general purpose home safes, jewelry safes, gun safes as well as safes for business. If you have the opportunity, go to a store that has a good variety, 20+ security safes, on their showroom floor of various sizes and price ranges. Test the locks, open and close the doors and begin to get a feel for what you get at different price points. If the security safe does not have any labels on it from independent testing labs, buyer beware.

Don’t fall into the trap of learning the hard way like Sean and our other customer mentioned above. Learn from their mistakes and make an educated purchase.

Morals to the story.

  • 1) If you must get a small light home safe, bolt it down.
  • 2) Believe the truth of the old adage, you get what you pay for.
  • 3) Ask questions of a knowledgeable source before you buy.

10 Steps to Keeping Your Jewelry Safe

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Jewelry theft is often a crime of opportunity. Visitors in your home; workers, friends or even family members are tempted by valuables that are visible or easily accessible. Burglars are always looking for the easiest targets. Each year greater than $1 billion of jewelry disappears in North America. Protecting your valuables in a jewelry safe is just one of the steps you can take to reduce your chance of being victimized.

Do keep your jewelry safe by:

1) Installing good locks on doors and windows and using them when you leave the house and at night.
2) Permanently installing and regularly using a secure home jewelry safe.
3) Implementing a home security system and arming it every time you leave the house and at night.
4) Carrying expensive jewelry items with you on board planes, trains or ships when you travel.
5) Using a hotel safe for your expensive jewelry items whenever it is available.

Don’t risk harm to your jewelry by:

1) Leaving jewelry out on an open surface like kitchen or bathroom counter.
2) Putting jewelry in pockets where it can fall out and be lost or damaged.
3) Wearing jewelry when gardening, doing heavy chores, swimming or playing sports.
4) Storing expensive jewelry in a jewelry box or tray, unless it is inside a jewelry safe.
5) Hiding your jewelry in a “great hiding place”, burglars already know all about those “great” spots.

Our jewelry is often one of our most precious possessions, an expression of love given to us as a gift or inheritance or an investment we make after careful consideration. Regardless of how the value is derived our jewelry is worth some effort to keep it safe.

We at Maximum Security Safes would be happy to talk with you about effective ways to protect your jewelry. We offer three lines of home jewelry safes; high security, premium and value, and if you don’t find just what you want in our standard lines we are able to design a custom jewelry safe to meet your needs.

Our large safe showroom in Santa Ana, CA is a great resource for our local customers and our informational safes and security website offers help for those near and far. Call us today for more information on how to protect your jewelry with a jewelry safe from Maximum Security Safes.