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Fires Prove Time and Again…No Match for AMSEC Fire Safes

Monday, September 16th, 2013

When the only thing left standing after a rampaging fire is your fire safe with precious valuables inside, unaffected by the disaster, that’s the moment of confirmation when you think: “Yes. This is exactly why I invested in a high quality safe.”

Don Koester, owner of Four Lakes Chelan Winery in Chelan, WA, had the same thought when his wine-bottling warehouse went up in flames in May 2013. Koester’s AMSEC safe with fire protection held his extensive and irreplaceable coin and stamp collection, among other valuables.

After the fire, Koester saw his safe, but remained afraid…would the safe’s assured fire protection really hold up to its promise? “I was devastated at my losses and it took this long to get my courage up,” he said.

When he finally did muster the courage to open the safe door, Koester was amazed: “lo and behold, nothing was damaged other than some smoke.”

Pray for the best, prepare for the worst, right?

Many times people think that the primary reason to get a safe is to protect their valuables against burglaries, but the home fire statistics may surprise you. In 2011, U.S. fire departments responded to 370,000 home structure fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association, which is proof why a safe’s fire rating is so important. (more…)

3 Important Considerations for Safeguarding your Valuables

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Success in life has many great benefits, including the ability to invest in objects of value. After working hard to acquire these items, you want to make sure that your valuables are protected, as certain items are easy to carry off and frequently the target of would-be thieves.

Enjoy the things that matter without fear or worry by taking the following precautions:

1.  Keep an Updated Inventory

Creating a catalogue of valuables will help ensure that everything is where it should be, and to more easily target an absence if something goes missing. In addition, you’ll be able to prove ownership to authorities or insurance agents in case of emergency. Having a dedicated file for receipts and notes about purchases is a great start in protecting these valuables. Keep electronic records by scanning these documents; you won’t have to worry about digging through the hard copies trying to find a proof of purchase. Another great way to start an inventory of your jewelry is to use a video camera to create a visual record. Walk through your house and narrate the video by describing each item as you film it, then upload the final product in a secure place. Make sure to redo your catalogue at least once a year – or more frequently depending on how often the content changes.

2.  Store Valuables in a Safe Location

There’s no better place to store truly irreplaceable items than behind a solid, locking door. You might think that you’ve found the “perfect hiding spot,” or that no one would have the opportunity to access your belongings, but you might be surprised at how many people come and go from your personal spaces on a regular basis. There’s always the chance that a burglar will break in to your home or place of work, but as with other crimes, often the responsible party is someone you know, such as an acquaintance, employee, or contractor. Finally, starting the habit of always putting your valuables in your safe will help you avoid the unfortunate scenario of wondering if you misplaced an important item, or if it was taken.

3.    Insure Valuables for the Right Amount

Normal homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover certain items, even if the value of those items falls within your limit for damages. Expensive items will most likely need to be cataloged and insured separately. An insurance agent will gladly help you find the amount of coverage that’s right for you, and will even come to your home or place of work at your convenience. Make sure to compare several offers and do some research before committing to a policy and prevent ending up with the wrong type of protection.

It doesn’t take a lot to save you the stress, anger, and potential heartache of lost or stolen treasures. Protect your valuable belongings using a secure, quality jewelry safe.

What tips can you give for protecting precious belongings? Give us your answers in the comment section below.

Introducing Gun Safes & Home Safes by Winchester

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Winchester Gun & Home Safes

Here at Maximum Security Safes we are pleased to introduce our newest line of gun safes and home safes by Winchester Safes. They offer a variety of different models and sizes that are sure to fit your needs. Winchester is one of the best values in the security industry offering affordable pricing along with great burglary and fire ratings. We carry 2 lines of Winchester gun safes: Silverado Premier Series and Ranger Deluxe Series, and the Home and Office Series.

The Silverado Premier Series gun safes are offered in 3 sizes holding up to 54 guns and are constructed of 10 gauge steel. Silverado come with a 2 hour fire rating @ 1400°F and is less expensive than competitors that offer 30 and 60 minute fire ratings. They also offer great burglary protection with a UL listed lock and UL RSC label. Another cool feature of the Silverado is the power docking system with two 110V power outlets with Ethernet and USB.

The Ranger Deluxe Series gun safes are also offered in 3 sizes holding up to 51 guns. The Ranger Deluxe Series is one of the best valued gun safes on the market today. The Ranger 19 is priced at $999 and comes with a 60 minute fire rating @ 1400°F. This stands in at an impressive 60”H x 28”W x 23”D holds up to 24 guns and has been flying off the showroom floor since we introduced the model. Both the Silverado and Ranger rifles safes come with a very nicely appointed interior door panel to store additional hand guns and documents. The Ranger gun safes also have a UL tested high security lock and carry the UL RSC label for burglar security.

The Home and Office Series are the most popular home safes we carry. They are burglary tested by UL and pass a 75 minute fire test @ 1400°F. This series comes in 2 sizes and offers great value for a multi-purpose office and home safe. These safes come standard with locking drawers, great to store your pistol or other item you want extra secure. The smaller WH7 comes with 1 drawer and the larger WH12 comes with 2 drawers, both include a key lock to secure the drawers giving you even more protection.

We are very excited to introduce Winchester Gun Safes and Winchester Home Safes to you; they are a great value and offer a safe that fits everyone’s needs. For assistance in selecting the Winchester Safe that is right for you call Maximum Security Safes today @ (800) 538-0600.

President Obama: Salesman of the Year for Firearms & Ammunition

Saturday, July 21st, 2012


President Obama probably doesn’t want to be thought of as one who encourages a gun and ammo buying spree. In reality this surge in sales isn’t personal. Media outlets suggest that election years tend to see increases in firearms sales. In turn, sales of gun safes increase as well.

Once again, fear sells. Folks all across the country are already afraid of what’s happening with the economy. As we approach the election that is compounded with a fear of the “what if”. What if, Obama is reelected and we loose our gun rights?

Already gun retailers are reporting sky high gun sales.

According to Time, a Detroit gun shop owner who usually sells 10 guns a day has sold an average of 30 guns a day in 2012. An owner of a gun store in Gainsville, GA told that his sales are up by 30%. Instead of selling ammo 3-4 boxes at a time folks are looking for deals to buy by the case. Americans across the country are stocking up before their rights can be taken away. This translates to a huge business boom for gun industry. As the gun industry sees growth, gun safe and pistol safe sales track close behind.

The FBI reports that background checks, a key indicator of gun sales, were up 21% this May over last. Smith & Wesson indicates that their backlog of firearm orders has more than doubled from the prior quarter and year over year. Sturm Ruger has stopped accepting new gun orders because they have such a heavy back load they can’t keep up. Olin Corp, a bullet manufacturer, reported a major rise in ammunition sales during first quarter 2012. Time reports that analysts are predicting the demand for firearms and ammunition will continue to grow as the election approaches. All those new gun owners need gun safes to protect their weapons!

This isn’t the first time we have seen a jump in gun sales around election time. According to The Wall Street Journal, following the 2008 presidential election gun companies saw their stock soar. Sturm Ruger’s shares increased by over 80% and Smith & Wesson witnessed their stock triple within six months of the election. Back in 2008 many Americans feared that their new President and Democratic control of Congress would lead to even stricter gun control legislation. With the increase in sales of firearms there was also a similar growth in gun safe sales.

Gun and ammunition sales stalled in 2010 when the fear of new firearms regulations relaxed. Now we see a renewal. There are concerns that a second term Obama will use his influence to ban weapons. Why not? As a lame-duck he wouldn’t have the political concerns that may very well be all that is holding him back now.

To learn about ways to protect your guns from getting into the wrong hands check out our gun safes for sale.

10 Steps to Protecting Your Home During Summer Vacation

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Beach SceneSummer is here and many of us are looking forward to getting away for a break from the pressure of work and school. Any time we are away our homes are more vulnerable to burglars. Knowing this certainly doesn’t help us to the transition from the stress of everyday life to a restful, relaxing vacation.

The good news is, there are a few simple things we can do to protect our homes and our valuables allowing us to more fully enjoy vacation. While securing your valuables in a quality home safe or gun safe is a good step in the right direction there are a number of other helpful things you can do to protect yourself.

Generally, making your home appear that there is someone living there is a big step in the right direction.

  1. Invite a trusted college student to house sit while you are away. Students often appreciate the opportunity to get away from home for a week or two and sweetening the pot with a bit of cash in exchange for watching over your home, watering plants and/or caring for animals is a great investment.
  2. Put your newspaper and mail on hold. If you are concerned about alerting the paper delivery person consider cancelling the paper and restarting it when you get back in town. Piled up papers in the driveway are a sure sign to a prospective burglar that this home is a hot target.
  3. Park a car in the driveway. Ideally one that will come and go. See if a neighbor is willing to park in your driveway at night when they come home from work.
  4. Install one or more motion sensitive lights around the exterior of your home.
  5. Put multiple inside lights on timers, going off and on at different times.
  6. Add a radio or TV on a timer as well, the sound will be an excellent deterrent.
  7. Make sure your yard is mowed while you are away. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, splurge and pay someone to do it for you while you are away.
  8. If you trust your neighbors, let them know you will be away with the dates you will be gone and a contact phone number in case something suspicious occurs that you might want to know about. Be sure to let them know if you expect anyone to come to your home while you are gone or they and you may be alarmed unnecessarily.
  9. 9. If you don’t already have one, consider a home security system that will notify you and local law enforcement if there is an unauthorized visitor enters your home.
  10. Secure your valuables in a quality home safe or gun safe as your last line of defense against burglary and fire.

At Maximum Security Safes we are concerned about the overall security of your family and valuables. We recognize that the home safes and gun safes we sell are just the last line of defense and that there are a number of other important security measures we all should take. Consider the steps above and before you leave home check out our educational information and selection of home safes and gun safes at Maximum Security Safes or call us at 800-538-0600.

The Best Location for Your Home Safe

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Safe Installation

Home safes are a great way to protect your valuables. Where you put your security safe is an important component of the security it will offer. But, there is not one best place. The placement decision should be based on the contents and how frequently you want access to them, the type of safe and how heavy the safe is.

Security safes that hold frequently accessed items should be placed as close to the point of use as possible. The safe won’t offer you much protection if you don’t use it because it isn’t convenient. A home safe used to secure jewelry or watches should be placed in the master dressing room, master bedroom, or possibly a close proximity office or spare room. You may want to secure the safe to a pedestal or reinforced shelf to bring it up closer to eye level for added convenience. If the safe will hold a gun for emergency situations you will likely want it in or near your bedroom. Small pistol safes are great for bolting under the bed, to the bedside table or the inside of the bedroom closet.

If the contents of the home safe are items you don’t need access to frequently then the location is less critical. An out of the way spot is likely your best bet, maybe a remote closet or the garage. Safes that secure guns for hobby can be placed in the garage, office, spare bedroom or even the family room or living room. A beautiful high gloss gun safe can be an attractive addition to your home décor. Security safes used for collections do well in a convenient closet or family room. Fire safes used to secure documents are well placed in an office or the garage.

The type of home safe may dictate where it will be placed as well. Some types are obvious; floor safes are installed into the slab and therefore belong in the garage or ground floor of a slab foundation home. Be sure your home doesn’t have post tension cables before you invest in a floor safe! Wall safes are designed to be discrete. Rather than give away any specific tips here for all to hear we can talk with you privately about ideas for discrete locations over the phone or in person.

The weight of your safe is a factor in placement. Generally safes under 1,000 lbs. can go to the second floor, if your stairs are maneuverable for the size of safe you have selected. Safes over 1,000 lbs. should be placed on the ground floor or in the garage. Carefully select placement of one of these heavy safes if your home has a raised foundation. Be sure to consult an expert to make sure you have chosen an appropriate location.

Call the experts at Maximum Security Safes today to discuss the best location for your safe. There are some additional tips we can share with you personally that are better not shared in a public setting.

Gun Owners Face Criminal Charges: Practice Gun Safety

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Boy with ShotgunA six-year-old boy found a loaded shot gun under his parent’s bed. His older brother, 12 years of age, saw the younger brother and attempted to take the gun away. The gun accidentally went off critically injuring the younger boy. Why wasn’t this gun securely stored in a gun safe?

These stories are in the news much too often. While this time the setting is Salinas, CA, similar situations occur in cities all across the country, more often than we want to imagine. Adding to the tragedy is the possibility that one or both of these parents could be criminally charged and if convicted and given the maximum penalty could spend three years in prison.

According to the law, a person commits the crime if any loaded firearms are kept around the premises with the knowledge that it is likely within reach of children and could cause them death or great bodily injury. An inexpensive but effective gun safe could have made all the difference for this family.

This heartbreaking situation is completely avoidable. Guns should be kept securely in a gun safe, especially a loaded gun. There is no reason it should be unsecured and within reach of a child, or any unauthorized individual for that matter. In this case the local police department even provides free gun locks, but these parents didn’t take advantage of the offer.

Police departments across the country offer similar gun-safety recommendations:

  • Properly store firearms in locked containers (gun safes).
  • If possible, make sure stored guns are unloaded.
  • Be sure you speak to your children about safe handling of guns and the dangers they pose.

For information about how you can protect your guns call or visit Maximum Security Safes today!

Maximum Security Safes
(800) 538-0600

Gun Safe Buyer – How Big Should You Go?

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Gun Safe - BF7240

A common complaint of folks who have purchased a gun safe is they wish they bought a bigger one. Home safes are like closets, we fill them up quickly. Most folks will keep their security safe for a very long time, in fact your safe may very well out-live you. Security safes don’t wear out, they just get too small. To make the most of your investment, buy your home safe at least one size bigger than you think you need.

Most of us are concerned about cost. What you will likely find is that as you move up in size within a line of gun safes, the price differential is relatively small. Most times the better values come with the larger sizes. Consider carefully what size home safe you will invest in.

Besides cost, the size decision will be based on two primary considerations; what you expect to put into the gun safe and how much room you have for the safe. It is worth your time to make a list of what you plan to put into the home safe. List out all the items that will stay in the security safe long term, then add the items that will go in and out with regular use, next add the items you will store in the gun safe when you travel and finally keep in mind extra room needed for valuables you will acquire or inherit in the future. Most gun safes are used for a variety of items, not just guns. Once you have a security safe in your house you will find it is a valuable storage place for birth certificates, insurance records, photos, jewelry, a stash of cash, and the list goes on. When your list is complete it is time to consider whether or not the size gun safe needed will fit in the location you had in mind? Some folks find they actually need two home safes.

Two security safes provides the opportunity to put the long term storage items in an out of the way location and a smaller safe, with the items you need more regularly, in a easy to access location. A conveniently located gun safe will be more likely to get used. If it’s not easy to put your items securely away in your home safe you may have a tendency to leave them out and vulnerable. This two security safe approach also makes it easier to have more secure storage space with room to grow.

Selecting the most appropriate size gun safe is as important to your decision as what type of safe. To ensure you get the most out of your “safe” investment consult an expert. At Maximum Security Safes we have expert consultants who are ready to discuss these questions with you. But don’t delay, you don’t want to be the next statistic we read about in the news.

Keeping Guns Safe and Accessible

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Gun safe neededWe are blessed to live in a country where we have so much freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility.  If you own, or plan to own a hand gun, rifle, or any type of firearm it is your responsibility to secure it.  Gun safes provide peace of mind that your gun will not be discovered by a child or stolen and used in a future crime. Securing your firearm does not mean it can’t be easily and quickly accessible.

The critical components to assuring quick access to your firearms are:

  1. locating the gun safe near where you are likely to be in the case of an emergency and
  2. a quick response locking device.

Some of the most popular pistol safes are made by GunVault. These hand gun safes have a fast access lock that is easily and quickly opened. even in the dark.  Upon entering the correct code the door is opens quickly and automatically.  The pistol safes are most often bolted down in convenient locations allowing the homeowner to be armed within seconds.  Our customers have attached hand gun safes to the underside of beds, to a bedside table, to the inside wall of a closet, in their vehicle and many other places.  GunVault pistol safes come in single and multi-gun sizes.  GunVault also has rifle safes with the same locking mechanism.  Prices on the GunVault pistol safes start at $99 and GunVault rifle safes start at $499.

Secure Logic makes some great wall safes that are approved for secure gun storage by the California Department of Justice.  I call these our 007 wall gun safes because of their high tech look with stainless steel exterior, electronic or biometric lock and internal hidden compartment. The door slides down to open quickly allowing convenient access to contents.  By placing the safe behind a picture it can be both discrete and out of the way.

Rifle safes come in all types and sizes.  The locking mechanism can be either a traditional tumbler style, electronic or biometric.   Tumbler style locks take time and precision, not the best alternative if you want quick access. The electronic gun safe has a 6-digit push button combination that allows the user to program their own combination and get into the safe quickly.  The biometric gun safe, also known as a fingerprint gun safe, is also a quick access safe.

When shopping for gun safes be sure to look for the Department of Justice label indicating that the safe meets the California Department of Justice standard for firearms security.  If your safe will protect high value guns or other significant valuables look for the United Laboratories Residential Security Container (RSC) label as evidence that the safe has passed this more demanding test.  Beyond these two tests additional features such as greater amounts of steel and/or more bolts can offer increasing levels of burglar security.

Many gun safes also offer fire protection in addition to child safety and burglar protection.  If fire protection is important look for a label on the gun safe indicating that the fire rating has been verified by an independent third party.  This third party confirmation offers confidence that you are getting what you expect.

As a responsible gun owner you can protect your gun from the hands of children and burglars while still keeping it quickly accessible in case of an emergency.  Gun safes come in a wide range of types and sizes.  To be sure you get a safe that provides the kind of protection you need talk to a safe expert at Maximum Security Safes.  Call us at 714-550-4123 or 800-538-0600.

Sad Story of a Home Security Safe Buyer

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Sean was in our store today looking at safes for home. After two bad experiences with home security safes from big box stores he has learned the hard way. The first security safe was too light weight and not bolted down; it was carried off by burglars with the wife’s jewelry and all their important papers inside while he and his family slept undisturbed upstairs. The second home security safe was larger and heavier, but not very good quality. Two months after the one-year warranty expired the handle malfunctioned. After several phone conversations with the manufacturer and hours of frustration he was still unable to open the safe. At that point Sean realized it was well past time to invest in a quality home safe and he came to visit us at Maximum Security Safes.

So, how do you buy a home safe? A security safe that will truly protect your valuables, not just give you a false sense of security? The first key is asking questions about the product you are considering so you know what you are buying. You are looking to protect some of your most precious valuables; this decision warrants careful consideration not a knee jerk response.

It is important to understand is that there is such a thing as too good a deal. We have a $285, 185 lb, 2 cu ft security safe in our store from a leading supplier of safes in the country. The inexpensive digital lock failed and the owner couldn’t find the back-up key. The security safe was then opened by an eager teenager with a home screw driver in 2 minutes. The owner brought the safe to us in disgust, looking for a security safe he could trust.

What questions will you ask to prevent this scenario from happening to you?

  • 1) Is the home security safe made of steel or plastic? (How much value will you entrust to a plastic security box?)
  • 2) Has this home safe been tested against burglary and/or fire by a responsible testing entity like United Laboratories (U.L.)? Be very careful if the sales person says “It’s just as good as…”.
  • 3) Can you get support from the place you are buying the security box, should you need it?

Obviously there are many more questions that you can ask, and you should, before you make this important decision. These considerations hold true regardless of the type of safe you are looking for, general purpose home safes, jewelry safes, gun safes as well as safes for business. If you have the opportunity, go to a store that has a good variety, 20+ security safes, on their showroom floor of various sizes and price ranges. Test the locks, open and close the doors and begin to get a feel for what you get at different price points. If the security safe does not have any labels on it from independent testing labs, buyer beware.

Don’t fall into the trap of learning the hard way like Sean and our other customer mentioned above. Learn from their mistakes and make an educated purchase.

Morals to the story.

  • 1) If you must get a small light home safe, bolt it down.
  • 2) Believe the truth of the old adage, you get what you pay for.
  • 3) Ask questions of a knowledgeable source before you buy.