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Carry on Kahr P380 Micro Compact Pistol

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

Kahr P380 Micro Compact Pistol

Before, big guns were all the rage. People carried big guns with lots of bullets. Later on, they realized doing so can be a real hassle. There are restrictions when it comes to lugging around bigger guns. You need sturdy belts instead of fashionable ones and you need to be conscious of your clothing.

The perks of a smaller gun can’t be taken away by the sneer comments about its size. Pocket guns are the driving force for sales in the handgun market recently, especially now that more states are granting permits for concealed carry to qualified citizens. More people are looking into small guns but packed with more power.

Khar’s P380

This demand in the market triggered Khar to create the P380 pistol. This new pocket defender is small enough that you won’t have any problem concealing and carrying it.

The P380 is a polymer-framed gun that’s double action. It weighs 10 ounces only and has a six plus one capacity. It is also set as a premium product that comes with a Lothar Walther gun barrel. Buyers will get two magazines with every gun purchase.

Here are its specifications:

Caliber: .380

Barrel: polygonal rifting at 2.5”

Length: 4.9”

Height: 3.9”

Weight: 9.97 ounces without magazine

Side width: 0.75”

Grips: textured polymer

Capacity: 6 + 1

Finish: matte stainless steel slide and black polymer frame

Sights: white bar-dot sights and drift adjustable

Magazines: stainless and two to six rounds

P380 Details

Khar’s small pistols are typically chosen by security personnel and law enforcers. This in itself is a statement of their guns’ quality and performance.

The typical expectation with micro-compact pistols is that it comes with smaller parts. The Khar P380, on the other hand, is built like a full-sized pistol. Each part is made specifically for it.

Khar is known to have six firearm patents covering the trigger bar, internal cocking cam, metal insert, barrel lug, and DAO trigger. All these patents are used in the P380 gun. This means that this pistol is made to function like a full-sized one.

It is an accurate small gun even for those with bigger hands. Micro-pistols are usually thought of as a close-range gun. However, the P380 shoots well on both close and far ranges. It just takes a little practice and getting used to, like any other tiny guns.

The P380 is the most practical gun to carry. It has amazing ergonomics. It slides out of your pocket fast and gets the target quickly. The pistol’s easy to use. Disassembly is quick, as well.

The only thing to remember about the Khar P380 is that it is ammunition sensitive. Because the P380 is a squat shirt pocket gun, it doesn’t like ammunition with a flat point. It needs a steep feed ramp. Flat-nosed bullets will only lead to feeding failures.

Though the P380 pistol is a reliable gun, it still has its own limitations. Make sure that you follow the directions for it to work well.

Heavy Winds Increase Fire Risk – Fireproof Your Home

Friday, January 17th, 2014

With recent Santa Ana winds raging, fire risk is higher than normal, which bodes the question: Is your home fireproof? Consider doing a fire safety survey of your home and check out the tips from the NFPA on how to fireproof your home on our infographic below. If you don’t have a fire safe already, don’t delay! Some valuables are irreplaceable and can only truly be protected in a fire resistant safe. Check out our inventory of fire safes here and leave us your questions in the comment section below.

A Behind the Scenes Look at Safe Cracking

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Can safes really be cracked, or is it all a Hollywood illusion? In the recently released blockbuster film, Now You See Me, a team of magicians known as the Four Horsemen, are masters of every trick in the book, including safe cracking. One of the Four Horsemen, Jack Wilder, claims that, “Nothing is ever really locked.”

So is it true? And is it as easy as these grand thief actors make it seem? Well, the most popular method of safe cracking is simply stealing the entire safe and hauling it to another location where the safe cracking time can be unlimited. In fact, by putting all of one’s valuables in a safe that’s fairly light and not bolted down, one is basically packing a suitcase full of treasures for the burglar to haul away, making it an easy steal. Since this is such a common burglar method, we highly recommend bolting your safe down. For more info on how to do this, see our article: To Bolt Down or Not to Bolt Down…That is the Question.

With that being said, safe cracking IS possible and can be attempted inside a person’s home, when the burglar is not able to haul the safe away to a more secure location. The complexity and the likelihood of success for the burglar depends highly on a safe’s burglar rating.  The Underwriter’s Laboratory (U.L.) has developed a burglar rating for home security safes called: Residential Security Container (RSC), which equates to a safe being able to withstand 5 “attack” minutes of rigorous prying, drilling, grinding, punching, chiseling and tampering attacks using common tools found in a home, specifically a: 3lb. hammer, 18” pry bar, screw driver, grinder, and drill. You may think: 5 minutes, that’s all? The point is that 5 minutes of “attack” time can take 15 to 20 minutes of actual time on the clock. Statically, burglars are only inside a house for 8-10 minutes in a typical home burglary and in that time they have to find the safe, figure out what tools they’re going to use, etc. By that time, getting to the actual safe cracking time is not very likely. Want even more security? Higher security safes are available and come with a commercial (for banks and jewelry stores) burglar rating like TL-15, TL-30, or TL-30×6 (the number represents the number of minutes that the safe can withstand an attack).

You’re still probably thinking: but what about those guys in the movies who are actually able to “crack the code” and open the safe without all the brutal attack tools. Well, we can’t say that it’s not possible, but the masterminds who have learned that skill are very far and few between. The time required can be hours, and they are definitely NOT your typical home burglars. Want to know more about safe cracking or think you can figure it out? Check out our behind the scenes video looks at how mechanical locks and digital locks work HERE. Most of all, keep your safe secure by following these tips: bolt your safe to the floor and make sure it has an RSC and/or a TL burglar rating!

Fall Season = Rise in Natural Disasters

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Fall is officially here! (The first day was yesterday, September 22nd, to be exact), but did you know that with the season change, also comes a spike in natural disasters – specifically tornados and fires?

Spring is our primary tornado season here in the U.S., but fall is considered to be our “secondary tornado season”.  Tornado Expert Dr. Greg Forbes says that, “In many ways, this is the counterpart to spring…When enough warm, moist air accompanies these weather systems, the unstable conditions yield severe thunderstorms and sometimes tornadoes.”

Fire season usually peaks in September/October and this year is no exception, with temperatures being so high, fire predictions are going strong into fall. As you can see in the map graphic produced by the National Interagency Coordination Center, the California wildfire predictions are above normal for September. In fact, just this past August, California had its fifth-largest fire in California history. The Rim fire scorched more than 213,000 acres since it began on August 17 and is still expected to take another 2-3 weeks for full containment.

With all that being said, fall is a lovely time of year so don’t be discouraged; the point is simply to not let your guard down, and instead be prepared. If you don’t have a fire-proof, bolted down safe already, educate yourself about the natural disaster risks in your area and choose a safe that will provide above and beyond protection for the valuables you hold near and dear. 

Take it from an AMSEC safe customer, Toby Striegel, who was hit this past year with a tornado and the only thing to survive unaffected, was his AMSEC safe. Toby recalls, “When I would show off my new safe to friends and family that came to visit, I would always joke and say that after having it bolted down to the concrete slab in my closet, it would probably be the only thing left standing if a tornado hit my house. I never imagined how right I would turn out to be.”

The investment is worth the prevention of heartache down the road from a natural disaster that we all think will never happen to us. Take it from Toby and bolt it down, lock it up, and rest assured. Interested in safes like Toby’s? Visit our AMSEC collection.

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Fires Prove Time and Again…No Match for AMSEC Fire Safes

Monday, September 16th, 2013

When the only thing left standing after a rampaging fire is your fire safe with precious valuables inside, unaffected by the disaster, that’s the moment of confirmation when you think: “Yes. This is exactly why I invested in a high quality safe.”

Don Koester, owner of Four Lakes Chelan Winery in Chelan, WA, had the same thought when his wine-bottling warehouse went up in flames in May 2013. Koester’s AMSEC safe with fire protection held his extensive and irreplaceable coin and stamp collection, among other valuables.

After the fire, Koester saw his safe, but remained afraid…would the safe’s assured fire protection really hold up to its promise? “I was devastated at my losses and it took this long to get my courage up,” he said.

When he finally did muster the courage to open the safe door, Koester was amazed: “lo and behold, nothing was damaged other than some smoke.”

Pray for the best, prepare for the worst, right?

Many times people think that the primary reason to get a safe is to protect their valuables against burglaries, but the home fire statistics may surprise you. In 2011, U.S. fire departments responded to 370,000 home structure fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association, which is proof why a safe’s fire rating is so important. (more…)

Home Security Audit Checklist – Just For You!

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Print it out and do your own home security audit!

Burglary Numbers on the Rise in California: Be Prepared

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

For some reason lately, it feels like we’ve been hearing more stories of local burglaries than in the past. So naturally, we went to Google to find out what’s going on and look what we found!

Top headlines over the past few months:

And the list goes on! Although it will be awhile before we see actual stats for the current year, one fact is stunning: According to the FBI crime statistics, a burglary occurs somewhere in the U.S. every 15.4 seconds, and 87% of those burglaries are considered to have been preventable. So what can you do to best be prepared? To help with your home security, we’ve come up with some easy burglar entry protection tips to start implementing at your home right away. (more…)

3 Important Considerations for Safeguarding your Valuables

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Success in life has many great benefits, including the ability to invest in objects of value. After working hard to acquire these items, you want to make sure that your valuables are protected, as certain items are easy to carry off and frequently the target of would-be thieves.

Enjoy the things that matter without fear or worry by taking the following precautions:

1.  Keep an Updated Inventory

Creating a catalogue of valuables will help ensure that everything is where it should be, and to more easily target an absence if something goes missing. In addition, you’ll be able to prove ownership to authorities or insurance agents in case of emergency. Having a dedicated file for receipts and notes about purchases is a great start in protecting these valuables. Keep electronic records by scanning these documents; you won’t have to worry about digging through the hard copies trying to find a proof of purchase. Another great way to start an inventory of your jewelry is to use a video camera to create a visual record. Walk through your house and narrate the video by describing each item as you film it, then upload the final product in a secure place. Make sure to redo your catalogue at least once a year – or more frequently depending on how often the content changes.

2.  Store Valuables in a Safe Location

There’s no better place to store truly irreplaceable items than behind a solid, locking door. You might think that you’ve found the “perfect hiding spot,” or that no one would have the opportunity to access your belongings, but you might be surprised at how many people come and go from your personal spaces on a regular basis. There’s always the chance that a burglar will break in to your home or place of work, but as with other crimes, often the responsible party is someone you know, such as an acquaintance, employee, or contractor. Finally, starting the habit of always putting your valuables in your safe will help you avoid the unfortunate scenario of wondering if you misplaced an important item, or if it was taken.

3.    Insure Valuables for the Right Amount

Normal homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover certain items, even if the value of those items falls within your limit for damages. Expensive items will most likely need to be cataloged and insured separately. An insurance agent will gladly help you find the amount of coverage that’s right for you, and will even come to your home or place of work at your convenience. Make sure to compare several offers and do some research before committing to a policy and prevent ending up with the wrong type of protection.

It doesn’t take a lot to save you the stress, anger, and potential heartache of lost or stolen treasures. Protect your valuable belongings using a secure, quality jewelry safe.

What tips can you give for protecting precious belongings? Give us your answers in the comment section below.

It’s “Safe at Home” Week!

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

The Home Safe and 11 More Steps to Prepare for Fire Season

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

House on Fire

Fall is known as fire season in Southern California. The vegetation is dry from the hot days of summer and the Santa Ana winds begin to blow. As a SoCal native I remember well as a child looking out our back window and seeing flames moving our way. While Southern California is known for wildfires, they can happen just about anywhere. It is time to take steps to protect your home and valuables against wildfire. At Maximum Security Safes we can help you in this effort with a safe for the home, but there are many other important protective steps to take as well.

  • Family Disaster Plan. Create a plan that includes meeting locations and systems of communication. Review the plan with family members regularly. Keep a copy of the plan handy and a back up in your home safe. Most if not all of the items below should be covered in the plan.
  • Fire Extinguishers. Have them on hand and be sure your family knows where there are and how to use them.
  • Emergency Contact Phone Numbers. Keep a list of emergency contact numbers posted near the phone or somewhere convenient and safe.
  • Shut-off Controls. Ensure that your family knows where your gas, electric, and water main shut-off controls are and how to use them.
  • Escape Routes. Identify safe escape routes from each room in the house.
  • Home Emergency Supply Kit. Assemble a kit that can be easily taken with you.
  • Car Emergency Supply Kit. Keep an extra emergency supply kit in your car in case you can’t get into your home.
  • Meeting Location. Designate an emergency meeting location outside of the immediate area that all your family members know is the place to gather.
  • Out-of-Area Contact. Identify a friend or relative that lives outside the area through whom you can communicate with family members.
  • Portable Radio. Have a portable radio handy so you can stay updated on the fire.
  • Home Safe. Keep critical documents and valuables in a fire resistive home safe so if the worst happens they will be protected.

Fires happen, so let’s be prepared. For more information contact the Orange County Fire Authority and their Ready, Set, Go program.

We at Maximum Security would be happy to consult with you about what kind of safe for the home would be best for your needs. Most of our customers find that a safe with both burglar and fire protection is a great solution to their security needs. Call us today and take the first step in preparing for fire season.