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Carry on Kahr P380 Micro Compact Pistol

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

Kahr P380 Micro Compact Pistol

Before, big guns were all the rage. People carried big guns with lots of bullets. Later on, they realized doing so can be a real hassle. There are restrictions when it comes to lugging around bigger guns. You need sturdy belts instead of fashionable ones and you need to be conscious of your clothing.

The perks of a smaller gun can’t be taken away by the sneer comments about its size. Pocket guns are the driving force for sales in the handgun market recently, especially now that more states are granting permits for concealed carry to qualified citizens. More people are looking into small guns but packed with more power.

Khar’s P380

This demand in the market triggered Khar to create the P380 pistol. This new pocket defender is small enough that you won’t have any problem concealing and carrying it.

The P380 is a polymer-framed gun that’s double action. It weighs 10 ounces only and has a six plus one capacity. It is also set as a premium product that comes with a Lothar Walther gun barrel. Buyers will get two magazines with every gun purchase.

Here are its specifications:

Caliber: .380

Barrel: polygonal rifting at 2.5”

Length: 4.9”

Height: 3.9”

Weight: 9.97 ounces without magazine

Side width: 0.75”

Grips: textured polymer

Capacity: 6 + 1

Finish: matte stainless steel slide and black polymer frame

Sights: white bar-dot sights and drift adjustable

Magazines: stainless and two to six rounds

P380 Details

Khar’s small pistols are typically chosen by security personnel and law enforcers. This in itself is a statement of their guns’ quality and performance.

The typical expectation with micro-compact pistols is that it comes with smaller parts. The Khar P380, on the other hand, is built like a full-sized pistol. Each part is made specifically for it.

Khar is known to have six firearm patents covering the trigger bar, internal cocking cam, metal insert, barrel lug, and DAO trigger. All these patents are used in the P380 gun. This means that this pistol is made to function like a full-sized one.

It is an accurate small gun even for those with bigger hands. Micro-pistols are usually thought of as a close-range gun. However, the P380 shoots well on both close and far ranges. It just takes a little practice and getting used to, like any other tiny guns.

The P380 is the most practical gun to carry. It has amazing ergonomics. It slides out of your pocket fast and gets the target quickly. The pistol’s easy to use. Disassembly is quick, as well.

The only thing to remember about the Khar P380 is that it is ammunition sensitive. Because the P380 is a squat shirt pocket gun, it doesn’t like ammunition with a flat point. It needs a steep feed ramp. Flat-nosed bullets will only lead to feeding failures.

Though the P380 pistol is a reliable gun, it still has its own limitations. Make sure that you follow the directions for it to work well.

All is Not Lost in the Flames with an AMSEC Fire Safe

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

AMSEC Fire Safe after the San Diego 2014 Fires

If inspiring stories like this don’t cause you to run out right now, and invest in a quality fire safe, we don’t know what will! When Southern California fires raged across the Carlsbad area in May 2014, Anya and her family had no choice but to rely on the reputation of AMSEC’s trusted fire safes and pray for the best. *Spoiler alert – AMSEC’s fire safe and everything in it survives the fire, unharmed, but you should really hear the story in Anya’s own words:

“The fire at times reached 60 feet in height and the hot winds blew it so fast at my parents’ house that the firemen couldn’t do anything to stop it.  My parents were at my aunt’s house and my brother who was living with my parents at the time was at work. I was also working, so by the time we got to their house everything was ash. There was absolutely nothing saved. We all started to cry. All our memories, photos of us, everything was gone. Then my dad yelled “the safe is still standing!” We opened the safe and all my parents important papers, birth certificates, wedding rings, etc. were saved! We couldn’t believe it! In the entire house the safe was the only thing not burned to the ground.

My family and I couldn’t thank you enough. We recommended a fire safe to everyone we know. Your fire safe put a smile on our faces, we thanked The Lord at least something survived. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!”


Mechanical Meets Electronic in the Redundant Lock

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Best of Both Worlds!

AMSEC Redundant Lock - Maximum Security SafesWhat if you didn’t have to choose between the reliability of a mechanical lock and the convenience of a digital lock? What if, you could have both, in one lock? Now you can! Introducing the Redundant Lock.

This new lock by American Security Products, aka AMSEC, is a single lock with two high security rated entry mechanisms. Either precisely dialing the mechanical tumbler or entering your combination on the electronic keypad, will trigger your lock to open. This lock is not double the security, but is double convenience. So, why would someone care about having two options in a single safe lock?

Scenario #1 – You’re in a hurry and need to get into your safe, but for some reason your keypad doesn’t respond. You try again and figure it must be time to replace the batteries. The only thing is, you don’t have any at home. What an inconvenience, right? With the redundant lock, the mechanical dial is your backup plan. With the redundant lock you can change the batteries at a later time and open your safe with the mechanical dial now.

Scenario #2 – This time, replacing your batteries doesn’t fix the problem. It appears you are one of the rare few who have come across a digital keypad failure. You dial open your safe and call the safe technician to come at a later more convenient time. When the tech comes the lock repair is significantly simplified because the safe is not locked up, there is easy access to the lock from inside the safe door. If the safe had not had a redundant lock it may have required an expensive and time consuming drill and repair job.

Senario #3 – A solar flare or EMP attack knocks out all electronics. You want access to your valuables and even though your electronic keypad won’t function, you conveniently dial open your safe with the mechanical dial and are set for any circumstance that follows.


How To Secure a Safe in an Apartment

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

So, you’re renting an apartment and you have a hunch that your landlord won’t be too keen on you drilling holes into his hardwood floor, in order to bolt your safe down. You want to ensure that your safe is secure in your apartment, so what do you do? If you’ve spoken with our safe experts or done your own research, you know that if you don’t want a burglar running away with your safe, you should bolt it down. However, when that is not an option, like in this case, there are other ways to help secure your safe. Keep in mind, there is no perfect solution (that we know of), but there are a couple of ways we recommend to our customers that should do the trick!

Method #1 – Bolt to the Walls

If your landlord doesn’t want you bolting to the floor, he may not want you bolting to the walls either, but if the walls are fair game, then this method could be an option. *Warning – this method is less easily DIY than the following method*. First, you will need to choose your safe location, preferably a corner, so you can bolt to two walls instead of just one; the corner of a closet is a popular choice. Then you need to locate the studs in the walls where your safe will be bolted. Once you do that, the next step is the tricky part, because you’ll need to mark exactly where to drill the holes in your safe walls so that they line up perfectly with the center of the studs that you’re bolting into. Hiring professionals for this is recommended since it can be messed up easily and will may be a frustrating and time consuming experience, but that’s not to say it can’t be done. If you want a method you can more easily implement yourself, proceed to Method


Best Gun Safes On a Budget

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

And these safes are made right here in the USA!

If you’re shopping for a quality gun safe, but don’t have thousands of dollars to spend, you’re not alone. However, if you’re thinking you’re going to have to downgrade to buying a cheaply made, big box store safe, think again! Winchester believes in quality, made in the USA gun safes, available to the average Joe at reasonable prices, and so do we! That’s why we love promoting Winchester’s three new, made in America, gun safes on a budget; Bandit, Deputy, and Pony. If you’re looking for the best gun safe on a budget, it’s hard to beat any of these safes!

Here’s the low down on these budget friendly gun safes. First off, they range in size and in level of burglary and fire protection. The smallest of these safes is the Bandit 9 and it is also the lowest cost option on the budget spectrum. Moving up in size and quality from the Bandit, we have the Deputy series (Deputy 10 and Deputy 14), followed by the Pony 19. All of these safes carry the California required DOJ burglary rating, but the Pony series has the added security of the UL RSC burglary rating. Fire ratings also range from minimal fire protection with the Bandit, up to 30 minutes independently fire rated with the Pony. For more information on burglary and fire ratings, visit our burglary and fire rating guide.

Now let’s take a look at the numbers. Just how affordable are these American made gun safes? Well, the Bandit, which is compact and the perfect size for any closet, holds up to 10 guns, and is just $399! If you have more guns and are interested in a higher fire rating, you may want to go with the Deputy 10 or Deputy 14 for just $499 or $599 respectively. If you have an even larger firearm collection and want more assurance that no burglar will be able to break into your safe, then the Pony 19 will be your safest bet, with the added RSC burglary rating and a gun storage capacity of up to 24 guns; the Pony 19 is just $699.


How Many Guns Will My Gun Safe REALLY Hold?

Monday, May 5th, 2014

If you’re checking out mid-size gun safes, you’ve probably seen listed on the specifications, something like this: Gun Capacity: 12-19-31 +2 Guns. You’re probably asking yourself two questions. “What exactly do those numbers mean?” and “Wow, that seems like a lot of guns! How can that safe possibly hold that many guns?” Yes, these numbers can sometimes be misleading, but don’t worry, we’ll help break down what each of these numbers mean, and also give you the low down on how to decipher how many guns your safe will REALLY hold (and no, unfortunately there are no magical, hidden gun storage compartments inside gun safes…though we wish there were!)

First off, deciphering gun capacity lingo, let’s take a look at the example of the mid-size gun safe with a gun capacity of 12-19-31 +2 Guns. Notice that the first two numbers (12 and 19) add up to the total of the third number (31). In essence the third number is what you will want to pay attention to most, since it is the total number of guns your safe could possibly hold. The first two numbers simply break down the storage ability of the left side compartment of the safe vs. the right side (see the above graphic). The extra “+2” refers to how many guns can be stored on the door organizer of your safe. So, in summary, the numbers represent the left side capacity, right side capacity, total capacity, and extra door organizer storage. Pretty easy, right?


Do I Need a Dehumidifier For My Safe?

Monday, April 28th, 2014

If ever there were a recommended accessory for a home safe, gun safe, or any kind of safe, a dehumidifier would be it! Why a dehumidifier? Well, for starters, think about what is being stored in your safe. Most safe owners will be storing some sort of metal in their safe, such as guns, jewelry, etc. and what happens when moisture and metal meet? Rust and corrosion. That’s why you might need a dehumidifier for your safe.

To ensure the longest lifespan for your safe and adequately protect your valuables inside from rust and mold, consider whether you are a candidate for a dehumidifier. While a dehumidifier may not be absolutely necessary for everyone, more likely than not, you will find yourself in one of the following categories in which one is recommended.

Location – Think about where you live; are you near a coast or an area where humidity is higher, or do you live in a desert? If you live in an area that is at all humid, you will want a dehumidifier to protect your safe and its contents, no question about it. If you live in a desert, continue on to the next category below.

Frequency of Use – If you own a jewelry safe and are accessing it on a regular basis, it may not be as necessary to use a dehumidifier. However, if you are storing your safe in your garage for example, and are not frequently accessing it, even if you live in a fairly dry environment, by not opening the door and allowing airflow in and out of your safe, humidity can build up. In this case of less frequently used safes, a dehumidifier is strongly recommended.

Fire Safes – Many fire safes contain a wall of moisture; in the case of a fire, this wall of moisture will activate and keep your contents safe from the heat of the fire. However, this moisture wall could also cause some unwanted humidity inside your safe when there is no fire, and end up damaging your metal valuables inside.

Types of Dehumidifiers

Three types of dehumidifiers can be used by themselves or in partnership with each other for added protection if you’re concerned about humidity affecting your safe.


What Does “Gauge” Really Mean?

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Gauge InfographicIn the safe world terms like “gauge” are commonplace, but what does “# gauge steel” really mean? You may wonder when you’re shopping for a safe for home, is 12 or 11-gauge good enough, or should I invest in a 4-gauge steel liner? These are great questions you should ask and we hope our infographic to the left will help you have a bit more insight into what gauge represents. As the gauge # decreases, the thickness of the steel increases. Seems like it should be opposite, but that’s how it works. It’s as simple as that!

As far as what’s the right gauge of steel for your home safe, we’re sure you’ve heard the phrase: You get what you pay for. Well, it’s true! Safes at big-box stores can be alluring with their deep discounted prices. While some deep discounted items are the same wherever you buy them, safes are not. To the naked eye, they may look the same, but are you really purchasing a safe for its looks? Most likely the answer is no. When you look deeper at the specifications of these safes, take time to notice the gauge of steel and if there is none listed, that means something too, it’s worth the investigation. Also note what part of the safe the gauge of steel is referring to…is it the entire body of the safe? Or is it just the door? A safe door will often have thicker steel than the body of the safe, but the body is important too!

When shopping for a safe for home, know what kind of security you are investing in so you make the right choice. At Maximum Security our safe experts will take the time to help you be an educated buyer. We have quality home safes at all price points and steel thicknesses. Whether it’s 14-gauge, 4-gauge or something in between, we have a safe for you. As you can see from the graphic, it makes quite a difference!

New California Gun Laws For 2014

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

With the New Year now in full swing, are you up to date on the new California gun laws for 2014? These days gun laws are constantly changing; in fact, several new gun laws were recently signed into effect that you should know about. We won’t bore you with all the nitty gritty details, just give you a breakdown on the laws that are likely to affect you the most as a California gun owner.

First off, gun owners no longer need a “good cause” to obtain a conceal carry permit. This is a major change, previously California required gun owners to show a “good cause” for why they needed special protection. Federal court overturned this standard because it was seen as a violation of the 2nd Amendment. If you’re excited to run right out and snag your permit, you’re not the only one; be prepared for it to take awhile. According to Fox News, more than 500 applications poured in to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in just two weeks. This is roughly the total number of applications filed in all of 2013, a spokesman said.

If you’re curious about new regulations for registering your firearms, and you live in California, you’re in luck! California residents will not need to register their currently owned firearms. However, whenever a long gun is transferred through a dealer it will automatically be registered to the receiving individual (PC 11106 and 28160). It is important to note that this does not apply to individuals not currently residing in California. All individuals who move to California will need to register their long guns and handguns soon after moving into the state (PC 27560).

Another important law signed into effect this year is Penal Code section 25100 that states: With certain exceptions, if you keep a loaded firearm in your residence, and a person prohibited from possessing firearms gains access to the firearm and that person hurts him or herself, someone else or carries the firearm into a public place, you can be prosecuted.  In addition, you can commit “criminal storage in the third degree” if you keep a loaded firearm within any premises where you know or should know a child is likely to gain access to the firearm.

Whether you think it’s harsh or not, it’s laws like this one that impress upon gun owners the necessity of owning a good quality gun safe. The consequences of not properly storing your guns are severe, so take the steps necessary to ensure your guns do not fall into the wrong hands. Interested in buying a gun safe, but don’t know where to start? Download our free Gun Safe Buying Guide. Also, visit our gun safe page here, to find a safe that’s just right for you! For a full breakdown on new gun laws visit the NRA website.

AMSEC BF Gun Safes Sport New 2-Hour Fire Rating

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

amsec bf series gun safe fire proof testIf a fire resistant gun safe is what you’re looking for, it’ll be tough finding one to compete with AMSEC’s BF Series, and if you already have a BF you’ll be happy to hear this news. AMSEC BF gun safes were historically touted as having 90-minutes of fire resistance, which is already impressive. Recently, ETL Intertek, an independent testing lab, ran a blind gun safe fire resistance test between competing brands, and the AMSEC BF safe came out on top, proving fire resistant for beyond 2 full hours! The safe itself is exactly the same, but needless to say, BF series safes now officially come proudly certified with a 2-hour fire rating.

Curious how one of these Intertek tests is done? Fire safe tests literally involve sealing the safe inside a big oven and cranking the temperature up to 1200º. It then takes eight minutes for the oven to reach 1200º after which the temperature is held steady at 1200º for the remainder of the two-hour test. Typical house fires peak at 1100º, but 1200º is used to be on the cautious side. At this temperature, the interior of the safe must stay under 350º (paper chars at 450º); if the internal temperature rises above 350º the safe fails the test.

How did AMSEC stack up? The BF gun safe exceeded testing standards with internal temperatures never exceeding 325º until after the 2-hour mark. It wasn’t until 126.5 minutes went by that the interior temperature reached the testing cut off of 350º.

Better for a safe company to underestimate their own fire rating than overestimate. As you can see in the graph to the left, other brands did not meet their claims. These trumped up fire ratings, emphasize the importance of being an informed consumer. Know what to look for, safes that are tested by nationally recognized and independent testing companies such as Intertek. Be wary of unverified factory testing. For more detailed information on fire ratings visit the Burglar and Fire Rating Guide.

In other AMSEC BF Series news, the new BF6024 gun safe has just been released! Be sure to check it out, along with all the other BF Series safes here, and rest assured your valuables are certified fire safe.

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