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Used Security Safes

Whenever it makes sense we pick up used security safes that we can pass on to our customers at good prices. Safes don't wear out but we find that most of our customers "buy and hold". If they outgrow their existing safe they often pass it down to a family member. As a result quality used safes, at the right price, are not plentiful. Those that we do bring in often sell very quickly.

Below is a list of the used security safes we have in stock as of the most recent update. Keep in mind that most of these safes can have their locks changed. If the safe currently has a traditional tumbler style combo lock it likely can be upgraded to a high security digital lock, and vice versa. Please call us to be sure the safe you are interested is still in stock.

Feel free to call if you are looking for a used safe that you don't see listed. We often don't get safes listed up here on the web fast enough to meet the demand.

Model NoOutside
H x W x D
Wt. LbsFire RatingPrice
Used Safe 138.5 x 30 x 271,300-$500.00
Used Safe 246 x 23 x 30.51,500-$350.00
Used Safe 345.5 x 28.5 x 301,400-$350.00
Used Safe 459.5 x 26.75 x 271,300-$1,200.00
Used Safe 559 x 40 x 29475-$575.00
Used Safe 832 x 25.5 x 281,2002 hour$1,200.00
Used Safe 932 x 25.5 x 281,2002-Hour$1,375.00
Used Safe 1040 x 25.25 x 27630-$750.00
Used Safe 1136.5 x 26 x 281,000-$850.00
Used Safe 1241.5 x 29.75 x 35.51,5001 Hour$1,200.00
Used Safe 1327.5 x 26 x 27.5550-$500.00
Scratch and Dent Safe 1459 x 30 x 24915-$1,700.00
Scratch and Dent Safe 1559 x 30 x 24570-$899.00
DC462269 x 28 x 2912502-Hour$4,995.00